Will we see a hook fiesta in the next Dota 2 patch?

Those who can't ever land a Pudge Hook can soon stop living in despair. No more years of facing blame, no more players mocking you "Dendi" for the 1000th time in your life, and no more missing the simplest hooks. Because Harpoon, an item that lets you hook enemies with one click, is potentially coming in the next Dota 2 patch.

Data miners have leaked a list of upcoming Dota 2 items including an OP item called Harpoon. This item goes back to Patch 7.32 when it was released among a set of hidden neutral items. It was originally meant to be a Tier 4 neutral item but in recent updates, Dota 2 added a 1400 gold cost to Harpoon. This means that Harpoon might be released as a purchasable item in the upcoming Dota 2 patch and it has gotten the community excited.

How does Harpoon work?

Once you equip the Harpoon, it passively turns your attack projectile into a Pudge Hook that pulls the targeted enemy hero (does not work on creeps) towards you for 40% of the distance.

The item slows the enemy unit during and after the pull and it has a 10 seconds cooldown. Harpoon does not pierce Spell Immunity and is dispellable by items like Black King Bar and Eul Scepter. Harpoon also does not work for melee heroes as it doesn't proc when enemy heroes are too near.

Because Harpoon works on attack projectiles, heroes with a high attack range will insanely benefit from this hook. You can also add items like Dragon Lance and Telescope to further push the attack range. Take a look at how Sniper and Lina can displace the enemy from afar with Harpoon.

Although it doesn't go the full distance as a Pudge Hook, Harpoon would have the same game-changing presence. Any spells that displace the enemy work wonders because positioning is one of the most important factors in the game.

Test it out in Demo Mode

To experience the fun yourself, you can test Harpoon in Dota 2's Demo Mode. Type [-item harpoon] in the chat box and your hero will automatically equip the Harpoon. Despite being recently updated as a purchasable item, Harpoon will appear in the neutral item inventory. Have fun testing out the mini hook!

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