N0tail’s biography tells how he “conquered esports, got revenge, and became a multi-millionaire.”

Dota 2 fans will now be able to witness N0tail's success, one of the most inspiring stories in esports, from his very own perspective! Two-time The International winner and the co-founder of OG, Johan "N0tail" Sundstein, has just announced the release of his biography. The book titled "Character Beats Talent" entails N0tail's journey in life from his childhood to his unprecedented success in esports.

"After many years and lots of requests, I’m finally uncovering my story from a small kid with a dream, to deception, growth, and achieving my ultimate goals in my new book called Character Beats Talent (Danish edition), releasing next Thursday," N0tail announced on Twitter/X.

As for now, N0tail's biography is only available in the Danish language. The English language version is coming out "as soon as possible." You can pre-order the Danish version here.

N0tail's biography to share his fall out with Fly

In the description of N0tail's biography, we see a glimpse of what the head of OG has shared. It tells the "dramatic tale of how Johan Sundstein conquered esports, got revenge and became a multi-millionaire." At the end of the description, it mentioned how anger was his "driving force in a time when his closest friends left him when he needed them the most."

There are plenty of hints about the famous drama between N0tail and Fly. It is a massive conflict between two close friends that happened right before The International 2018 and one of the biggest betrayal stories in esports. We all know the generic details of the bad blood. But this biography will come out with first-person details about the incident from N0tail himself. This is also highly-anticipated because N0tail himself has never directly spoken about the conflict, whereas Fly has addressed the issue in the We Say Things podcast.

We will update this article when the English language version of N0tail's biography drops. Until then stay tuned to esports.gg for more Dota 2 news and updates!

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