Carry and offlane player RAMZES666 returns to after stints on a few top teams

Dota 2 Offlane and carry player Roman "RAMZES666" Kushnarev has returned to The 23-year-old prodigy has bounced around from team to team these past few years finding mixed results. Now, along with, he's trying to reclaim some of their former glory by keeping 'some' of the new players, and bringing in the tried and tested.

The Storied History of RAMZES666

RAMZES666 first joined the organization back in 2016. But it was in 2018 where he saw the most success, with the team dominating in major tournaments as well as non-Valve events. RAMZES666 finished first at ESL One Katowice and Birmingham. The team also placed a respectable 5-6th in the International 2018, and later won the Kuala Lumpur Major that year.

Heading to EG

It was after this point that the young player left to join Evil Geniuses to play offlane. He achieved mixed success with EG, finishing again in 5-6th at the 2019 International. After this finish, he departed EG to join Na'Vi. However, the transfer didn't work out, with Na'Vi having a particularly poor season that left them out a slot for the majors of that year.

CIS Rejects

After this stint, RAMZES666 joined the Artsiom "Fng" Barshak-led CIS Rejects squad. The team managed to get out of division 2 of the EEU DPC and get promoted to Division 1. However, with the recent changes to the EEU tour 2 DPC, the team had to qualify for slots in a tournament format. They fell to Mind Games who clinched the last slot for the ESL ONE Stockholm Major.

Joining a team in recovery mode

The team RAMZES666 is joining now is recovering after some setbacks. After last years International, the young team saw a significant roster shuffle, putting their carry, 4-position, and 5-position into their inactive rosters. Their most recent change was kicking their new carry player Ivan "Pure" Moskalenko. This came after an incident that resulted in being disqualified form the Stockholm major qualifier tournament. The team had been playing under the banner Outsiders, because the organization was not officially allowed to play due to their ties to the Russian government.

How RAMZES666 will fit into the team's new roster remains to be seen. However the team did have decent results before the aforementioned incident.

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