Dota 2 talent, Sheepsticked, introduces Reya and kicks off her VTuber career through an interactive RPG-like adventure.

Dota 2 analyst and personality Alexandra “Sheepsticked” Roberts has officially made her VTuber debut in a two-hour livestream. In it, she donned the character of an Empress called Reya, alongside her cute and trusty wizard squirrel sidekick, Lilypad.

Reya introduced her world through a unique RPG-esque skit that centered around medieval times. It all started with a letter stating that we (the chat) had been invited to Empress Reya’s castle and must heed to the royal summons!

Reya debuts her VTuber career through an RPG adventure skit

Arriving at the gates of her castle, viewers were greeted by a bear-like attendant (voiced by Austin "Cap" Walsh). He encouraged us to make some noise by spamming chat in order to open the castle gates.

When chat had spammed enough, the gate raised fully and there stood the Empress, Reya. Her appearance was apparently inspired from the combination of Ningguang and Beidou, two of Sheepsticked’s favorite characters from Genshin Impact.

Reya then provided a tour of her world, presented as a quest to search for Lilypad, to help us better understand her character. The tour involved a lot of theatrics and gamifications that made the experience more entertaining.

Reya's bedroomReya writing a love letter for NatTea in her libraryReya and LilypadReya's castle map

A wholly interactive VTuber experience

Reya showcased the many features that viewers can use with to interact with her world as she walked us through her castle. She also gave a presentation on a virtual stage to dive a little bit deeper to the character’s origin story before resuming her search for Lilypad.

However, a draconian-looking adversary who claimed to hold Lilypad hostage ambushed her! As a result, Reya engaged in a turn-based duel where viewers had to participate using voteable chat commands.

After winning the duel, Reya reunited with Lilypad, reaching the happy ending everyone wanted. Finally, Reya took some time to credit her team and partners that helped made her VTuber debut a reality before closing with a song in her karaoke room:

"Me and beastcoast are popping off next year [2023]. I want to get into VTubing and Beastcoast is very supportive of that."

Sheepsticked on her VTuber plans with beastcoast in 2022.

Reya's spectacular debut

Ranging from colorful characters and intricate world designs, to high-quality animations and voiceovers, Reya's debut is a culmination of all the hard work that Sheepsticked and her team have put in throughout the year.

When spoke with Sheepsticked last year on October 2022, she had already planned on getting into VTubing in collaboration with beastcoast. “Me and beastcoast are popping off next year [2023]. I want to get into VTubing and Beastcoast is very supportive of that.” And now, the time has come for Sheepsticks' persona, Reya, to take her first step in an exhilarating adventure.

When can you catch Reya?

To join in on her adventure, follow Reya on her social @LongLiveReya and Reya will go live every 1:00 p.m. BST or 8:00 a.m. EST, subject to schedule changes and other commitments. Below is her upcoming schedule:

  • Monday, August 21: Talking about Things
  • Tuesday, August 22: Dishonored
  • Wednesday, August 23: Apex Legends
  • Thursday, August 24: Stray Gods
  • Friday, August 25: Apex Legends
  • Saturday, August 26: Dota 2
  • Sunday, August 26: Chat-Voted Game Day
Reya's VTuber schedule during her debut week (Image by LongLiveReya)
Reya's VTuber schedule during her debut week (Image by LongLiveReya)

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