Valve has yet to announce any punishments.

Tommy "Taiga" Le has been in the hot seat following matchfixing allegations in early April. After more than a month of silence, he finally released an official statement to address the allegations. He admits to being involved in matchfixing and lends an apology to his former organization, OG, and his former teammates.

I apologize for involving OG and my former teammates in this situation. They had nothing to do with it, and I’m sorry for any harm caused.

Taiga posted his official statement on his Twitter/X account, which has been turning public and private every other minute. The official statement is a four-page-long document which we have broken down below.

Taiga admits to his involvement in matchfixing

Taiga initially clarifies that he has never purposely lost in any game throughout his time in the pro scene. He also never placed any bets against his team, this includes betting on "first bloods" himself.

However, he admits to sharing confidential information regarding team strategy and scrims. He also admits to livestreaming his official matches. This information would be used by Sensibility, his betting "partner", for his own bets, according to Taiga's statement.

I have NEVER thrown a map on purpose before, or during my time in OG, nor bet on us losing, including betting on FBS myself. But yes, I have disclosed info to Sensibility for his own bets since I did owe him at the time and streamed so he can do his own thing and get off my back so I could focus on the match.

Taiga disagrees with being labeled an "accomplice"

Taiga said that he had anticipated Morf's video for a while but disagrees with how he was portrayed. He denies being an "accomplice" to matchfixing with Sensibility, rather an emotionally vulnerable victim who was used by his then-friend.

I had expected it for a while, and I'm glad it came out. However, I didn't expect things to be taken out of context. I was under immense duress at the time, and I wasn't his accomplice, rather a broken man to be used and pressured as a tool who didn't know himself anymore. The voice and chat logs are all over the place, put to portray me as worst as possible to get the views, while also portraying Sensibility as some necessary evil.

Taiga also mentioned that him being involved in matchfixing was never about gaining profit, but rather a "tool to fuel his addiction".

The transactions mentioned in the video with that amount never happened nor did I profit from it, it was never about the money, it was just a tool to fuel an addiction.

An apology to OG and former teammates

He committed matchfixing when he was playing for OG in 2022. The team had a great start to the year but gradually fell off, and many people attributed it to Taiga's performance. This theory would be strengthened following Taiga's initial confession of gambling addiction and recently a series of damning matchfixing evidences by Morf.

In his official statement, Taiga apologizes to OG and his former teammates for dragging them into this matchfixing scandal. "I apologize for involving OG and my former teammates in this situation. They had
nothing to do with it, and I’m sorry for any harm caused," he stated.

Final chapter in Dota 2

Taiga announces that this will be the final thing he brings forth in the Dota 2 scene as he plans to continue recovering. Taiga states that he will accept any form of punishments from tournament organizers and Valve itself.

This will probably be the last thing you hear from me in the Dota pro scene, Dota doesn't deserve the worst of me, nor do I deserve the worst of Dota. I will gladly accept any punishment from the organizers & Valve.

As for now Valve has not responded to the high-profile matchfixing case and we have yet to see what punishments are imposed. Taiga will likely remain low on the radar while continuing his livestreams. Keep up with more Dota 2 news and updates here on