TSM take down Shopify Rebellion in the DPC and claim the title of the best team in NA cover image

TSM take down Shopify Rebellion in the DPC and claim the title of the best team in NA

The two best teams in the 2023 NA DPC duked it out. Check out what happened during the TSM versus Shopify Rebellion series!

At the top of the North American Dota Pro Circuit, there's two pillars of the region: TSM and Shopify Rebellion. Both teams have gone under some recent roster changes, but despite that, they've cleanly swept through the DPC. Until yesterday (Jan. 28). The two teams hadn't faced each other until the final day of the DPC. The match was a true test to see who was the best team in North America, and TSM came out on top.

TSM & Shopify Rebellion's dominance of the NA

Both TSM and Shopify Rebellion are heavy favorites of the NA DPC. Shopify Rebellion, previously known as Evil Geniuses, had been the face of North American Dota for the past decade. On the other hand, TSM had become a staple name of the region, as the players were all up and coming talent.

Throughout the Dota Pro Circuit, both teams had quite the impressive record which allowed them to qualify for the Lima Major. Prior to their match, both teams were undefeated. TSM had only lost a singular match within a series, while Shopify Rebellion had a unwavering record. Although the win streaks of both teams were somewhat expected, as the two teams have the most professional experience out of the players in the region. Regardless, when the two titans met, it was quite the clash.

TSM's clean sweep of Shopify

Heading into the series, Shopify Rebellion were the favorites as the more experienced team. However this wasn't the case. In back to back nail-biter games, TSM won the series against Shopify. The 30-plus-minute matches featured meta picks on both sides, but the games were never one-sided.

TSM beat out Shopify Rebellion 2-0
TSM beat out Shopify Rebellion 2-0

TSM leaned towards the right-click Lina for their safelane player, Enzo "Timado" Gianoli, as well as Matthew "Whitemon" Filemon's infamous Treant Protector. Shopify Rebellion, like most of the viewers of the match, underestimated the support hero. But time after time whether it be amazing initiations with Treant's ultimate ability or allowing heroes to survive on low HP with Living Armor, Whitemon's Treant has grown to be a ban-worthy pick.

Although TSM's Lina was expected, as its been the best carry of the patch, Shopify seemed to know the solution to the hero. Shopify's draft revolved around protecting Arteezy on heavy farming carries like Faceless Void or Terrorblade. While a combination of Jonáš "SabeRLight-" VolekMagnus and Lycan and Crit's roaming Tusk or Hoodwink dealt with the arising Lina problem. In practice, other series the strategy of jumping the walking turret that is Lina has proved effective. However TSM had the come up with answers and counter play during the series.

The Lima Major

Regardless of the outcome of the match, both TSM and Shopify Rebellion have qualified for the upcoming Lima Major. Unlike other regions, North America only received two spots at the major, and given the strength of Shopify Rebellion and TSM, they both easily qualified for the Major. And there, the two teams will face off once more during the group stage which is set to take place on the Feb. 22 until the Feb. 26. You can check out the full list of the currently qualified teams for the Lima Major here.

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