When will Valve release the next Act in the Crownfall saga?

It has been almost two weeks since the release of the Crownfall event in Dota 2. The event brought Dota 2 players the long-awaited Arcanas, Treasures, and a lengthy event game. It is divided into four parts and we are currently heading towards the end of Act I: The Markets of Midgate. So when does the Crownfall Act II: The Deserts of Druud unlock?

When is the Crownfall Act II start date

UPDATE: On May 21, Valve reveals that the gameplay patch will arrive tomorrow, May 22! It is announced via the release of the Candle token. We can now access the "Ripples in The Dark" encounter which reveals "a glimpse of some changes in tomorrow's gameplay patch..."

Previously, the info regarding Crownfall Act II is only that it will unlock mid-May, around May 14 to May 21. Additionally, according to data miners, Act I will last until May 14 so Act II will likely follow up on the day itself or on May 15.

Dota 2 then changed the caption from "unlocks mid-may" to "unlocks next week". Entering Monday this week, the caption changes to "unlocks this week". This is likely a delayed launch as we enter end of May.

If you're looking forward to finish the Main Quest and the additional Side Quests, there's still plenty of time to progress. But if you're far behind and you don't feel like you have enough time, fret not, there's no need to be hasty. Valve has made it so you can progress according to your own comfort and pace as Act I will not expire upon the next Act's arrival.

Crownfall Act I - Act IV

While the Dota 2 client did show the approximate date for Crownfall's Act II, it has yet to show any hints for the other Acts. However, data miners have leaked their findings for the dates. Here are the leaked dates for Act I to Act IV of Crownfall:

  • Act I: April 16 - May 14
  • Act II: May 14 - June 11
  • Act III: June 11 - July 9
  • Act IV: July 9 - August 6

More about Crownfall

The Crownfall event is a four-act narrative which stores a lot of quests and a myriad of rewards. The event revolves around the tragic lore of Skywrath Mage and Vengeful Spirit, who are both a canon pair of couple. The event takes Dota 2 players on a journey through their lore while also letting players enjoy gaming and collecting items. Here are more pieces on the Crownfall event on esports.gg:

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