After Toriyama’s passing, Dragon Ball lives on.

It’s a sad time to be a Dragon Ball fan, but Akira Toriyama’s beloved series is still giving fans a release date to look forward to. Dragon Ball Daima is a spiritual successor to the controversial GT series, with Goku and company being transformed into children. The series marks a stark departure from Super, which itself broke new ground.

Also similarly to GT, Dragon Ball Daima will go straight to anime with no manga. Toriyama’s successor Toyotarou, who wrote Super, will likely still be involved in development. Aside from a few promotional images, the saga is still deep under wraps. However, there are a few key details we already know, including a potential release date for Dragon Ball Daima.

Release date for Dragon Ball Daima

The release date for Dragon Ball Daima will be sometime during the fall of 2024. Japanese broadcaster Fuji TV, which aired Dragon Ball Super and Z,  confirmed the planned release schedule on March 11 at New York Comic Con. The first season will have 20 episodes.

The reveal did not include an exact release date. The 2024 season will be crowded, with My Hero Academia, Tower of God, One-Punch Man, all scheduled to debut late in the year. However, as a Dragon Ball story, Daima should still lead the pack in terms of viewership.

What will happen in Dragon Ball Daima?

The overall plot of Dragon Ball Daima will continue to story of Goku, but with a repeated twist. The Saiyan will shrink down to effectively become a child. There’s actually a precedent for this within the series, with de-aging as the central premise of Dragon Ball GT. 

A grade-school Goku will be accompanied by a very young Vegeta (Image via Fuji TV)
A grade-school Goku will be accompanied by a very young Vegeta (Image via Fuji TV)

Based on the GT storyline, Goku will most likely power down at the start of the series. Making Goku weaker may seem counterintuitive, but it creates many story opportunities. He may regain the Power Pole or another tool to help him fight, and side characters like Krillin and Piccolo should become more relevant. Expect Goku to power back up before the end of the series, just like in GT.

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