Well, we knew this was coming.

Video game enjoyers already know of the ending for the next season of Ellie and Joel's adventures. This is why The Last of Us leaked photos have made many fans emotional. What's just a couple of pictures for the mainstream audience is the reminder of how close we are to the most controversial scene of the entire series.

The first photo pictures a worried Joel, talking to a mysterious character. He's on what looks like a party set-up, or just a cozy bedroom. The second photo shows an older version of Ellie, with a look of disbelief in her eyes. Looking to the ground while holding a gun twice her size.

It will be close to impossible to avoid spoilers ahead. Therefore, if you have not played The Last of Us 2, or finished the series' season one, you've been warned.

TLoU story so far

To better understand The Last of Us leaked photos, let's do a quick recap of how the first season ended. After escorting Ellie to the Fireflly hospital, Joel finds out the only way to find a cure is by killing her. He quickly learns he's not ready to lose another daughter, and decides to rescue her, eliminating every single one of the Fireflies.

Joel decided he would lie to Ellie for the rest of her life. After this, Ellie gets to live a "normal" life in Jackson, the safe town that Tommy build. This leads to the events shown on The Last of Us leaked photos: The party where Joel defended Ellie from an old man called Seth, getting the most hurtful reaction.

This scene carries a lot of emotions: Joel had already confessed the truth about the Firefly hospital to Ellie, and she is pissed with him. But let's not forget that in his eyes, everything he did was an act of love and care. And as many know, this is one of the last interactions between them.

More The Last of Us leaked photos and videos

More leaked content is hitting X during the filming of The Last of Us season two. The main characters in most of the leaks are Ellie and Dina, a new character introduced for the game sequel. Some users are still not happy with Bella Ramsey, since she doesn't look old enough to play the more mature version of Ellie.

The Last of Us leaked photos on set by X user Canadagraphs
The Last of Us leaked photos on set by X user Canadagraphs

The Last of Us Season 2 cast

Some names have already been announced for the next season of the video game adaptation. Meet all of them here:

Pedro Pascal
Joel Miller
Bella Ramsey
Gabriel Luna
Tommy Miller
Kaitlyn Dever
Abby Anderson
Young Mazino
Isabela Merced
Danny Ramirez
Ariela Barer
Tati Gabrielle
Spencer Lord

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