Blizzard’s was hit by a DDoS attack but the issues are reportedly fixed.

If you’ve been trying to log into Blizzard today you might have noticed an issue with your login. It seems Blizzard's has been the victim of a Distributed Denial of Service attack (DDoS), as reported by the Blizzard Customer Service Twitter for The Americas.

What happened?

On April 12, Blizzard’s customer service Twitter account made gamers aware that they were suffering a DDoS attack. The attack was reported to cause login issues across many of Blizzard's titles including Call of Duty and Overwatch. working for players again (Image via Blizzard) working for players again (Image via Blizzard)

Blizzard cited the issue to be a wider issue with the authentication servers, which may have been subject to the DDoS. For gamers this issue meant while some could login, it was far slower and some were unable to login at all. This meant that those trying to login into and were successful in logging in also faced disconnection issues once in game.

What has Blizzard done to limit the effect of the DDoS?

Within the attack being reported and the issues for players, Blizzard announced that they were beginning an investigation into what had happened. The exact details of what caused the issues and who was responsible for the attack remain undisclosed.

There's a new hero for Overwatch Season 4 but the hero wasn't the reason for annoyance (Image via Blizzard)
There's a new hero for Overwatch Season 4 but the hero wasn't the reason for annoyance (Image via Blizzard)

When can we expect the issues to be solved?

Blizzard announced on April 13 that “the login issues have been resolved” and apologized for the inconvenience caused to players. However, some have said that they are still unable to get into their games.

Others have reportedly suffered rank issues as a result of authentication errors and the system disconnecting. It's unknown whether players will receive anything from Blizzard to make amends for the outage, although the fact the official Customer Service Twitter was discussing the DDoS does give some hope.

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