A Letter from the Editor on how esports.gg will be leveraging advancements in AI technology to improve our website and content.

We at esports.gg have made the decision to embrace the future. We aim to lead the esports industry in using AI to enhance our content, and being transparent in our usage is just the first step in our journey to provide our readers with an even greater variety of content.

Along with every other distributor in digital publishing, we have been watching the development of AI tools with great interest. If used effectively, these tools have the potential to revolutionize the lives of our writers, readers and fans for the better.

To some of our readers, AI tools may already be old news. To others, it may seem alien. Regardless of your level of familiarity, a change is coming and our team is prepared to keep up with the shifting media landscape.

How will esports.gg use AI tools?

AI tools enable our writers to focus on doing what they love most, producing great content! They can interview players in a foreign language, quickly transcribe audio files, extract information from images or videos, rapidly reformat or analyze data without prior programming knowledge, and automatically check written content for grammar or style errors.

We're not replacing our writers with AI. We're giving our writers access to AI to improve their workflows; thereby leaving them to be focused on understanding esports, finding interesting stories to tell, breaking news and being creative.

Our promise to our readers

AI is not faultless, and much like the internet it’s not always right. That’s why every esports.gg article that features portions of AI-generated content will go through a human approval process. We pride ourselves on the high quality and accuracy of our content on esports.gg, and we will continue to maintain those standards.

Furthermore, whenever AI has been used to generate portions of text in any article we will be open with you through a declaration in the footer.

As our use of AI evolves, we'll keep our readers informed. We think it's important that you know who is creating the content you enjoy and how.

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to reach out via our Contact Page.