The event is part of the official Winter Circle. Matches take place in three main regions.

This year, Brawlhalla introduced a new format for its esports league, adding a new region to the scene in addition to the Middle East and North Africa, which have already treated us to some great matches. Seasonal events are divided into two main Circles: Winter and Summer, with online and offline competitions. Royale Invitationals are the culmination of both. The World Championship, BCX 2024, is traditionally scheduled for November.

We are in the middle of the Winter Circle, with two big events happening in April 2024:

  • Trial of Baldr: Partnering tournaments in Europe, South America, and North America
  • Trail of Skadi: Official tournaments in the same main regions and Southeast Asia

The Trial of Baldr event happens this weekend, between April 6 and 7. It would be great to enjoy the matches and get some sweet viewership rewards.

Let’s dive into the details in terms of the stream schedule, a tip on how better to watch them, highlights of notable participants, and a quick introduction of Brawlhalla itself and its esports scene.

Brawlhalla esports schedule for singles tournaments in 2024 (Image via
Brawlhalla esports schedule for singles tournaments in 2024 (Image via

Update | Results of Brawlhalla Trial of Baldr

This exciting Brawlhalla esports tournament is over, so we can check out the results in three regions.

Europe Results

Once again, Zivai "Godly" Manhotoma proved his status as the best Brawlhalla player in Europe. 

Godly had a pretty tough match against Denis "acno?" M. in the Semi-Final and was forced to switch from his Teros to Asuri (with the crossover skin of Ahsoka Tano from Star Wars) and then to Wu Shang (as Avatar Aang). Eventually, Godly won 3:2, and the remaining matches were much more confident for him. Teros was an active Legend for the rest of Top 8.

Godly is the winner of the Brawlhalla Trial of Baldr in Europe.

South America Results

In a way, this tournament was a recreation of the Brawlhalla World Championship 2023, but with a different outcome. 

yüz, the BCX 2023 Champion faced Murilo "Kyna" S., the runner-up, the Grand Final—and was defeated after a very close fight. Both players were loyal to their main characters through the whole Top 8 part: yüz played Jaeyun, and Kyna used Teros (with the skin of Roman Reigns).

In the Grand Final Reset, Kyna suddenly reached his ultimate power (or at least it felt like this). He defeated yüz 3:0 and won the Brawlhalla Trial of Baldr in South America.

North America Results

Many big names of the Brawlhalla esports scene could not reach Top 8 of this tournament. The level of competition is amazing in NA! Those who never got a Gold medal could achieve that here, and one such competitor did.

Guichabou defeated java in the Semi-Final and won a tough Winners Final against Megdy "megD" Edrees. Then, in the Grand Final, Guichabou got another victory over java, and it was a confident 3:0. All these players chose to be character loyalists in Top 8: Guichabou played Lin Fei, java competed with Dusk, and megD fought as Asuri.

Guichabou is the winner of the Brawlhalla Trial of Baldr in North America.

Brawlhalla esports: Trial of Baldr schedule

The event consists of partnering tournaments, which got official support in 2024 and have since become part of the Brawlhalla esports league. Each tournament happens in a different region, so the Trial of Baldr is kind of spread out over time.

Saturday, April 6
BrawlLeagueTV, Twitch
South America
Saturday, April 6
2 PM BRT / 10 AM PT
EstacaoBH, Twitch
North America
Sunday, April 7
4 PM ET / 1 PM PT
Ajmorr2000, Twitch

The best Brawlhalla esports players at the Trial of Baldr

Many prominent competitors have registered for the event. It’s nice to know who to follow in different regions, especially if you are new to the Brawlhalla esports scene. Let’s highlight a few names.


  • Derain "Machèèèèté" Bastien: The guy won the Brawlhalla EU Winter Championship 2023 and was Top 8 in Spring and Summer
  • Pavel "Pavelski" Milev: A well-known content creator, Top 4 in the Summer Championship 2023
  • Mounir "Mounir" A.: Top 8 at the offline tournament DreamHack Valencia 2023

South America

  • yüz: Brawlhalla World Champion 2023
  • Murilo "Kyna" S.: The winner of the SA Summer Championship 2023, 2nd at the BCX 2023
  • Wesley "Wess" Jean: He is an active participant of offline Brawlhalla tournaments, including Royale Invitationals, Wess won the SA Winter Championship in 2022

North America

  • Stephen "Sandstorm" Myers: One of the best Brawlhalla players ever, with many Championship titles
  • anime: The player reached Top 8 in many tournaments in North America, including the Spring Championship 2023
  • Megdy "megD" Edrees: One of the most consistent competitors, with Top 8 in two offline events: DreamHack Dallas and San Diego 2023

Can these guys win the Trial of Baldr? We shall wait and see! Following their performance will be rewarding and exciting regardless of the results.

Winter Circle standings

There were already two events on the Winter Circle 2024. Two more, and we will have the Brawlhalla Royale Invitational between May 17 and 19 showcasing the four top players from each region.

What about the current standings? Here are the halfway results before the Trial of Baldr:

Brawlhalla Winter Circle 2024: Halfway Standings in SA (Image via
Halfway Standings of Brawlhalla Winter Circle 2024 in EU (Image via
Brawlhalla Winter Circle 2024: Halfway Standings in NA (Image via

Brawlhalla Trial of Baldr viewership rewards

As for the viewership rewards, you can get them by watching Brawlhalla content on the game's official Twitch channel. You do not need to be actively talking in the chat to earn points, either. Make sure you connect your Brawlhalla account and simply watch a broadcast to get the rewards.

For the Trial of Baldr, the Brawlhalla viewership rewards are available on the partner channels, mentioned in our event schedule.

What is Brawlhalla?

Brawlhalla is a weapon-based platformer fighter that features many characters called "Legends." Each Legend fights with two weapons, and their move sets consist of two types of attacks:

  • Light Attacks: Universal across all Brawlhalla Legends with the same weapon
  • Signature Attacks: Unique for every character

It’s hard to avoid comparison with Smash, but Brawlhalla feels and plays differently. It’s more competitive and a bit less of a party title. The game is based on unique lore and characters, but it also has many crossover skins and personalities from popular franchises such as Tekken or Star Wars.

Brawlhalla esports is quite a big scene thanks to impressive prize pools of the previous official Championships. In 2024, the money situation is different, but Brawlhalla is still one of the biggest fighting games ever.

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