It’s the last Winter Circuit tournament before an offline Royale Invitational. Players in the main regions fight for the qualifying spots.

Brawlhalla Esports Year Nine approaches the end of its first half, the Winter Circle. We have already witnessed three big events, and top participants have earned their standing points to qualify for the Spring Royale. The Trial of Skadi is the last chance for Brawlhalla competitors to get Top 4 placements in their regions. It happens on April 19-21, so let’s take a look at some important details.

Update | Brawlhalla Trial of Skadi Results

This Brawlhalla esports event is over, and we are ready to summarize the results, including info on the best competitive Legends.

Southeast Asia

KeithThePooPoo started his Winners Semi with a confident round, but then the opponent, ` Le Plum_ switched from Hattori to Val and defeated Ausiri of KeithThePooPoo (in the skin of Ahsoka Tano) three rounds in a row. The players faced each other again in the Losers Final. This time, switching from Val back to Hattori did not save ` Le Plum_ from being eliminated. KeithThePooPoo proceeded to the Grand Final.himwy played Teros most of the time in the Top 8. The player defeated Tiger in the Semi-Final and ` Le Plum_ in the Winners' Final. In the decisive game, himwy was on the verge of the bracket reset — KeithThePooPoo dominated with 0:2. But then. himwy switched to Fait, and her Magic Orb turned out to be totally destructive. This Brawlhalla weapon changed the pace to a somewhat slower fight and established ranged attacks. himwy won the Grand Final and the whole Trial of Skadi in Southeast Asia. Congratulations!

Trial of Skadi SEA Top 8 brackets (image via
Trial of Skadi SEA Top 8 brackets (image via


Once again Godly proved his status as the best Brawlhalla player in the region. He lost no game throughout the Trial of Skadi. Godly’s character was Ahsoka Tano (Asuri).

In the Top 8 part, Godly defeated three strong opponents. acno? started the Semi-Final with Yumiko, and that did not go well. He switched to his more traditional Brawlhalla Legend, Koji, and still lost.

In the parallel bracket, Mounir with his Petra got a victory over Mordex and Fait of Neeze. But in the Winners final, he could do nothing against Godly. The opponent was too quick, so landing even a single solid attack was a problem. Switching to Jaeyun did not help Mounir.

Another player who tried to stand against Godly with the Greatsword Legend was Skeldra in the Grand Final. The match was quite even, but excellent movement skills helped Godly survive attacks of the damaging but somewhat slow weapon. Godly is the winner of the Brawlhalla esports event Trial of Skadi in Europe. Congratulations!

Trial of Skadi EU Top 8 brackets (image via
Trial of Skadi EU Top 8 brackets (image via

South America

yüz, the current Brawlhalla World Champion, played his main character the whole tournament — Jaeyun. In the Winners Semi, he defeated sea. The opponent won the first game with Ausuri, but then lost three in a row, while trying to save the situation with Sentinel and Dusk.

Losing some initial games but learning an opponent’s patterns — this seems like a plan for yüz in the following matches. The Champion was defeated in game 1 of the Winners Final by Kyna (and his Yumiko), but then became unstoppable. In the Grand Final, lores dominated in two first games, but then…

The run of lores in the Trial of Skadi deserves a special mention. The player fell to Losers after the Semi vs Kyna, but then he unleashed the power of Kaya (the character that brought victory to the World Champion 2022, Impala). lores literally destroyed three opponents on his way to the decisive fight.

The last three games of the Grand Final did not go lores’ way. yüz suddenly landed many Greatsword attacks, including air ones, which is pretty unusual for this weapon. This brought him a brilliant victory.yüz is the Trial of Skadi Winner in South America. Congratulations.

Trial of Skadi SA Top 8 brackets (image via
Trial of Skadi SA Top 8 brackets (image via

North America

Raydish is one of a few top players who still fight with a Battle Boots Legend — Red Raptor is his main character. Quite interestingly, Raydish relied on the other weapon more, dealing most damage with Magic Orb. In the Winners Semi-Final, he faced Anonymous Alex and defeated his Teros with 3:1.

Another Brawlhalla player who used to experiment with a Battle Boots Legend, Sandstorm, played a different character this time — Mordex. In the parallel bracket, Sandstorm defeated the Trial of Baldr winner, Guichabou. The opponent started the match with Sakura but then switched to a different, non-crossover skin of Lin Fei.

Raydish and Sandstorm played in the Winners Final, and that was a very close fight, up to game 5. Only on decisive stocks, Sandstorm was really more powerful and proceeded to the Grand Final with 3:2.

The Losers Final was full of back-and-forth moments. Guichabou eliminated Raydish only in Game 5.

Sandstorm clearly proved to be one of the Brawlhalla best players ever in the Grand Final. However close some of the stocks were, Guichabou could not get even one point in that match.Sandstorm wins the Trial of Skadi. Congratulations!

Trial of Skadi NA Top 8 brackets (image via
Trial of Skadi NA Top 8 brackets (image via

Brawlhalla Esports Trial of Skadi: Schedule

Matches of this event happen in four regions:

  • Southeast Asia
  • Europe
  • South America
  • North America

Players from Southeast Asia do not proceed to the Royale Invitational, though.

For those who are new to Brawlhalla esports, we can summarize the global “Power Ranking''. European players are very strong but somewhat struggle to reach the top at international events. North Americans used to dominate, and they seem to be eager to get that glory back. South American players exploded with their amazing power in 2023 — and yüz from this region became a World Champion.

The Trial of Skadi consists of four internal tournaments, and we can choose what region to watch on streams.

Local Time
PST Time
Southeast AsiaApril 198 PM SGT5 AM PST
EuropeApril 206 PM CEST8 AM PST
South AmericaApril 203 PM BRST10 AM PST
North AmericaApril 213 PM EST12 PM (noon) PST

All Trial of Skadi streams are on the official Brawlhalla Twitch channel.

Top players at Trial of Skadi

There are obvious leaders in the current standings of the Brawlhalla Winter Circle 2024. Still, for most players, their placements are not guaranteed. Here are a few competitors to follow during this event.

In Southeast Asia: himwy, KeithThePooPoo, Tiger, and ` Le Plum_ are traditionally among the strongest players in SEA.

In Europe: Godly, Neeze, Skeldra, Rain, acno?, and Mounir are on the top of the EU Circuit standing. After winning the Trial of Baldr, Godly is most certainly qualified for the Spring Royale.

In South America: Kyna, Wess, lores, and yüz are leaders.

In North America: Raydish, Sandstorm, java, Guichabou, Sting Ray, and Impala will compete for the top placements.

Brawlhalla Trial of Skadi Viewership Rewards

The game has lots of wonderful cosmetic items, including characters and weapon skins, avatars, and emotes. You can get some of them by simply watching the official streams. They certainly are not Star Wars Legends, but Brawlhalla still gives:

  • Unique esports colors for Legends, which cannot be obtained anywhere else
  • Cool avatars
  • In-game titles
  • Awesome weapon skins

Tune in to the Trial of Skadi on Twitch. Make sure you’ve connected your game account for the system to start counting hours. Watch the stream till a reward you want is unlocked (or keep the stream in the background).

Viewership Rewards at the Trial of Skadi (image via Brawlhalla on Twitter)
Viewership Rewards at the Trial of Skadi (image via Brawlhalla on Twitter)

It's a pretty good idea to stay focused on the most interesting parts of these streams. For example, matches in NA will continue for around 7-8 hours in a row. To not exhaust yourself, jump into the action closer to the Top 8/4 part, which is around 4/6 hours after the beginning. Or, you can check out this very post after the event for full Trial of Skadi results.

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