All the essential details on the new Brawlhalla Legend, Vivi the Deadly Dancer.

The roster of characters in Brawlhalla is impressive with more than 60 Legends. Vivi the Deadly Dancer is a fresh addition to this platformer fighting game. She is the newest and 62nd Brawlhalla Legend. In this post, we highlight her weapons, reveal her Signature Attacks (Sigs), and explain how to unlock Vivi for your collection.

Vivi in Brawlhalla: Release date

This character joins the game on April 10, 2024. Vivi was officially announced in one of Brawlhlla’s social posts.

Weapons of Vivi the Deadly Dancer

Every Brawlhalla Legend fights with two weapons. It’s the key feature of their move sets, as the whole game is weapon-based, and the characters share identical Light Attacks with the same weapons.

Vivi has:

  • Battle Boots
  • Blasters

Battle Boots were added to Brawlhalla in December 2022 with the character Tezca. Two more Legends with this weapon are Thea and Red Raptor.

Brawlhalla Battle Boots are among the most accessible weapons, despite having command input — some attacks differ if you hold the directional button. It is relatively easy to land combos with Battle Boots, and Sigs of these characters are traditionally very strong.

Blasters are a classic Brawlhalla weapon. Many characters and esports performances prove their power. Blasters sure work differently than guns in shooting games, and players need some practice to understand the range and true-combo patterns. Some especially strong Blasters Legends are Lucien and Diana.

Vivi the Deadly Dancer (Image via Brawlhalla on YouTube)
Vivi the Deadly Dancer (Image via Brawlhalla on YouTube)

Sigs for Vivi in Brawlhalla

Sigs make Brawlhalla Legends unique, even if they fight with one type of weapon. These Sigs are activated with a dedicated button and have three variants with directional input:

  • Neutral Sig, NSig
  • Down Sig, DSig
  • Side Sig, SSig 

Vivi still has to prove her abilities in casual and competitive environments. However, we already have her Sigs revealed in one of the official developer streams.

How to unlock Brawlhalla Vivi

There are two options for unlocking Brawlhalla Legends, including Vivi the Deadly Dancer.

  • Buy the All Legends pack so you will get every character in the present and future
  • Earn in-game gold while playing and unlock individual characters with it

Usually, new Brawlhalla Legends cost slightly more gold (6,000 to 7,000), but the price gets lower after a few weeks or months (5,400).

Purchasing all of the characters feels like a good investment, as you will not be limited to the ever-scarce gold and weekly rotations of free Brawlhalla characters. 

Will Vivi be viable for top-level competitive events such as the Trial of Baldr? Let’s wait and see! For everything exciting around Brawlhalla and esports in general, stay tuned to!

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