The exhibition match event featured the top players from across the world.

The Capcom Pro Tour 2021 Season has now concluded. Following a year of online qualifiers, players from all over the world fought valiantly to earn a spot at Capcom Cup. Unfortunately, the offline championship event was canceled for the second straight year due to COVID-19.

Capcom did not want all the players' hard work to go to waste, so they created a replacement event for those that qualified. Since each region had at least two qualifiers, these players were matched up in exhibition bouts to determine a regional champion. On top of bragging rights, each winner received $5,000 in prize money. While nearly all matches were played online, the three North America matches were played offline inside the event's broadcast studio.

Credit:  Capcom Fighters
Credit: Capcom Fighters

Capcom Pro Tour Season Final Match Results

The event featured many of the world's best players showcasing their skills. Names like MenaRD, Kusanagi, Phenom, and Mister Crimson routinely dominate their region's competition. The exhibitions also highlighted several regions that are not as prominent in the Street Fighter scene. This granted unheralded players a chance to shine and put the global community on notice.

Plenty of blockbuster showdowns filled the lineups for Day 2 and Day 3. NASR eSports and UAE compatriots Big Bird and Angry Bird squared off in a battle of Middle East titans. In a match surrounded by controversy, Infiltration defeated countrymen NL in a matchup between South Korea's best players. Although he fairly qualified for the Final, Capcom received backlash for allowing Infiltration to play due to a history of domestic abuse allegations against him. His victory might cause more ripples between the community and Capcom.

Day 3 was filled with even more marquee matchups. RobTV defeated his rival and broadcast partner Brian_F 5-0 and let out a seething victory speech. ChrisCCH continues to lay claim to the best player on the West Coast with his 5-1 win over nephew. In the first Japanese exhibition, Higuchi pulled off an impressive upset over the veteran Mago. In the final match of the night, Japanese prodigy Kawano defeated the man many consider the GOAT of Street Fighter: the legendary Daigo Umehara. It was just the latest match between these two generational talents.

Punk vs iDom

While it was technically second-to-last on the lineup, the main event of Day 3 was certainly the match between North America's two best players. Regarded as the greatest player in Street Fighter V, Punk is the winningest player in the game's history. On the other hand, iDom erupted onto the scene in 2019 en route to a Capcom Cup title. The two have developed an intense rivalry built upon skill, pride, and respect.

Sunday was the latest edition of the Punk vs. iDom saga, and once again it failed to disappoint. Using his trademark Karin, Punk dominated early to build a comfortable 4-1 lead. Using Poison, iDom made the necessary adjustments to spurn a quick turnaround. Rather deal with Punk's in-close mixups, iDom tried to zone his opponent out and win the lame game. The strategy worked as iDom took three straight games to tie the set at 4.

In a bold move, Punk switched to Cammy the final game, hoping to have an easier time getting in against Poison's range. Punk won the first round, but iDom took the second to send the set to a final game, final round situation. Punk looked to seal the deal until iDom made a miraculous effort at a comback with just a pixel of life remaining. However, Punk maintained his composure and closed out the set to win 5-4.

Check out the full match results for the Capcom Pro Tour 2021 Season Final below:

Day 1

  • South Africa - Jabhim (Chun-Li) def. Billy Date (Necalli, Ed) 5-0
  • Australia - Travis Styles (Balrog) def. Pahnda (Akuma) 5-1
  • China - DingChunQiu (Urien) def. Joeyangho (Chun-Li) 5-3
  • Asia SE - Oswald (Balrog) def. Chuan (Guile) 5-2
  • E Europe/Russia - Jamie_TTM (Luke) def. Papoi (Laura) 5-3
  • South America West - Nero the Boxer (Balrog) def. Frozen (Kage, Nash) 5-3

Day 2

  • Europe West - Momi (Cammy) def. Takamura (Akuma, Ken) 5-0
  • Central America West - Kusanagi (Sakura) def. Gama (Cammy) 5-1
  • Central America East - MenaRD (Luke) def. Jimmy_DR (Balrog) 5-1
  • Brazil - Gust (E. Honda) def. RonaldinhoBR (Nash) 5-3
  • Middle East - Big Bird (Luke) def. AngryBird (Rashid) 5-2
  • Asia East - Infiltration (Luke) def. NL (Cammy) 5-4
  • UK / Ireland - Infexious (Ken) def. The4Philzz (Falke) 5-2

Day 3

  • Nordic / Baltic - Phenom (M. Bison) def. Rikemansbarnet (Menat) 5-1
  • NA Midwest - RobTV (Karin) def. Brian_F (Oro) 5-0
  • France / Spain / Portugal - Mister Crimson (Dhalsim) def. Kilzyou (Karin) 5-0
  • NA West - ChrisCCH (Luke) def. Nephew (Kolin) 5-1
  • Japan - Higuchi (Guile) def. Mago (Luke, Cammy) 5-2
  • NA East - Punk (Karin, Cammy) def. iDom (Poison) 5-4
  • Japan - Kawano (Kolin) def. Daigo (Guile) 5-3

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