Marvel vs Capcom 2 is a legendary game that is known around the world. While it is currently unavailable for purchase, perhaps things might change soon.

What's so special about Marvel vs Capcom 2?

In the year 2000, Marvel vs Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes was released in arcades. This game would produce so many legendary moments for the fighting game community. The game gave birth to legends such as IFC Yipes, Sanford Kelly, Chris Matrix and of course, Justin Wong. The game itself is legendary, from the roster, the music, the stages, and of course, the hypest matches out there.

This game is a pillar of the fighting game community, but it is impossible to purchase on any modern console. The game once had a digital release on both the Playstation Network and Xbox Live Arcade. However, the game was pulled because Capcom and Marvel’s licensing agreement came to and end. Since 2013, the game has been unable to be purchased and is stuck in digital limbo.

This is not the end of the story however. Digital Eclipse is known for developing digital emulations of retro and arcade games for modern systems. Recently, Digital Eclipse has received 6.6 million dollars in funding. Since then, their Twitter account asked for what games people wanted to see re-released.

In response to Digital Eclipse, the fighting game content creator Maximilian Dude made a video asking people to tweet the hashtag, #FREEMVC2. This is to show all the parties involved that everyone wants to play Marvel vs Capcom 2 again. As we wait for a response from the various companies involved, let’s look back on some of the best moments of Marvel vs Capcom 2.

"What an answer" - Birth of an iconic quote thanks to Marvel vs Capcom 2

In a money match between previous Evo Marvel vs Capcom 2 champion Duc Do and up-and-comer Sanford Kelly, tensions were high. In a very heated first to 7 money match, both players were fighting tooth and nail to come out on top. As the 7th game came around, Sanford was at 4 wins, and Duc at 3. Sanford Kelly gets in with some immaculate Storm play and ends Duc Do’s Spiral.

Things seem to be over when Sanford gets both Duc Do’s Cable and Sentinel on incoming. But he drops the combo that would kill Cable. Duc quickly answers back with an air Hyper Viper Beam loop, killing Sanford’s Sentinel, and severely damaging his Captain Commando. This crucial moment allows Duc to quickly take control of the match, winning a game that seemed to nearly be lost.

The commentator’s “What an answer” is a moment that lives in FGC history. While Sanford would go on to win the money match, Duc’s incredible comeback in game 8 to tie things up will forever live in FGC history.

"It's never over till it's over" / "It's Marvel Baby" / "We just got a real match"

At EVO 2007, Justin Wong and IFC Yipes met each other in the winner’s finals of the bracket. Justin was the undisputed god of Marvel vs Capcom 2, having won 5 of the last 6 EVO titles for the game, but Yipes was the one of the few people who could stand toe to toe with him. Yipes quickly took game 1, and he looked to do the same in game two, quickly bringing down Justin’s Storm and Sentinel, leaving him with only Cyclops.

The game seemed lost, but Justin wasn’t going down without a fight. Justin played with incredible tenacity, taking out Yipes’ Magneto and Storm with his solo Cyclops. It was down to Psylocke versus Cyclops, and neither player wanted to lose this second game. It seemed like Yipes had it when he launched Justin’s Cyclops for a full combo, but he failed to combo into super to seal the deal.

With a quick jump in combo, Justin finished off Psylocke, making an iconic comeback. The commentator’s calls are sealed into the minds of the FGC. Iconic moments such as “It’s never over til it’s over.” “Its Marvel baby” and “We just got a real match!” are words known by every member of the FGC.

The Gods Reconvene - The unforgettable Twin Galaxies Fight Club

During EVO 2018, Twin Galaxies put on what they called, the Twin Galaxies Fight Club. They had 8 spectacular show matches between some of the FGC’s greatest names. From Filipino Champ versus ChrisG, John Choi versus Alex Valle, and SonicFox versus GO1, it’s hard to believe that anything could top those matches. The biggest event by far though, was the triple threat match between Justin Wong, Sanford Kelly, and IFC Yipes.

The Twin Galaxies Fight Club event at EVO 2018 is historic
The Twin Galaxies Fight Club event at EVO 2018 is historic

The three Gods (Sanford, Justin Wong and Yipes) duked it out in a first to 7 wins rotation, with the winner staying on. Things went down to the wire with all three of the players constantly taking games over the others. Ultimately the three players reached the final nineteenth game after a gruelling ninety minute long slugfest. The final match between Justin Wong and Yipes was set to be played, all three players sitting at 6 wins.

Yipes overpowered Justin in the final game, his team nearly untouched as he finished off Justin’s final character. In the end, the three of them were all winners as they happily stood on stage, beaming because Marvel vs Capcom 2 finally had another day to shine on the mainstage.

This was just 3 of our favorite moments that Marvel vs Capcom 2 has given the FGC. Just think of how many more could come about if this game was remastered for modern systems. Please tweet the hashtag #FREEMVC2. Hopefully with a loud enough outcry, this legendary game could be brought back to us all. Be sure to follow us here at for more updates on this situation.