Hungrybox wins 2022 Content Creator of the Year at the Esports Awards: “When you don’t have a big brother pushing you, sometimes you have to do it yourself.”

Blake Van Poucke

Blake Van Poucke

Juan “Hungrybox” Debidma wins Content Creator at the 2022 Esports Awards. The Melee legend and Team Liquid owner takes home the coveted streamer award.

For Smash Melee fans, Juan "Hungrybox" Debiedma raising a trophy is a familiar sight. In his 15-year career, Hungrybox has electrified crowds with unbelievable skill using his patented Jigglypuff. He's won the most prize money of all time of any Melee player. Now, he's winning a different type of prize.

Hungrybox wins 2022 Content Creator of the Year

At the 2022 Esports Awards, Hungrybox beat out a talented group of personalities to win Content Creator of the Year. The Team Liquid part-owner and Melee legend can now add “best streamer” to his long list of career accomplishments. In a surprise twist, the 29-year-old, Argentina-born Melee player is able to stay relevant in an always-changing streaming marketplace and entertain a vast number of tweitch's audience.

In an impassioned acceptance speech, Hungrybox showed the infectious energy that he brings to streams and tournaments that make people want to watch him. He continued to be a committed advocate for the Smash Brothers community, showing appreciation for the leaders that keep the scene afloat and afford him the opportunity to compete. 

"When you don’t have a big brother pushing you, sometimes you have to do it yourself.”

Liquid Hungrybox

"When you don’t have a big brother pushing you, sometimes you have to do it yourself.” said Hungrybox in his acceptance speech. “When you don't have online for your game, you have Fizzi. When you don't have a big circuit, you have guys like Ludwig. And, when you don't have guys pushing each other to be the best player in the world, making this game exactly what it is. That's why Smash Bros will forever be the greatest series of all time in my eyes and for those of you that watch it - Thank you. I love you. Bless your hearts.”

Moreover, with the spotlight on Hungrybox, he found time to acknowledge Jas "Fizzi" Laferriere. The lead developer behind Project Slippi - an online Melee emulator - who single handily kept the Melee scene alive throughout the pandemic. Next, he specifically singled out fellow streamer and former Content Creator of the Year, Ludwig Anders Ahlgren, as a person funding Melee’s events at a time when Nintendo is actively shutting down tournament circuits.

The Content Creator of the Year Nominees

The list of nominees includes:

  • Winner: Juan ‘Hungrybox’ Debiedma
  • Jared ‘SunlessKhan’ Zook
  • Ashley Kang
  • Thomas ‘ZooMaa’ Paparatto
  • Phillip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen
  • Brian ‘BSJ’ Canavan
  • Hector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriguez
  • Mohan ‘launders’ Govindasamy
  • Christian ‘IWDominate’ Rivera

Esports owner, gamer, and now streamer - Hungrybox has become a mogul. His status in the esports scene is unimpeachable and his presence adds extra energy to everything he does. Hungrybox, the 2022 Content Creator of the Year. 

The Esports Awards is streamed live from the Resorts World Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. The event is back to an in-person show after a two-year hiatus due to the COVID pandemic. With seats available for the general public, media, and guests, 2022 is one of the biggest years yet for the young Awards Show.

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