Is Europe the best in the world? A 5v5 exhibition match later in the tournament will see players giving their best for glory.

Red Bull has announced Red Bull Golden Letters, a two-day Tekken 7 LAN tournament. The one-of-a-kind LAN event, featuring some of the best players in the game,  will take place at the company’s Red Bull Gaming Sphere in London.

The brand new event will bring superstars such as Arslan Ash, Anakin and many more to the Red Bull Gaming Sphere on March 26 & 27. This event brings some of the best Tekken 7 players to the United Kingdom, giving fans a chance to see their favorites live. 

The tournament will also use a different format with a focus on the quality of plays and not just the results. Results are classified as 'Perfect' or 'Great' plays.

“Red Bull Golden Letters features a unique format that places an emphasis on producing perfect plays and showing poise under pressure to earn ‘Perfect’ and ‘Great’ scores - Tekken’s iconic ‘Golden Letters’. Players who manage to achieve three ‘Perfect’ or ‘Great’ scores automatically win the entire set in the epic ‘First to Three’ clashes.”

"Incentivizing high risk for high reward plays, Golden Letters switches up the traditional Tekken gameplay for unforgettable matches and moments"

Arslan Ash and Anakin to compete at Red Bull Golden Letters

The  LAN tournament gives players in the UK a chance to compete against the world's best.
The LAN tournament gives players in the UK a chance to compete against the world's best.

Some big names such as Arslan Ash and Anakin will compete at the LAN event. The event also features a challenge ‘Beat the Pro’ that will see them take on several contenders. The Red Bull Golden Letters is an opportunity for UK Tekken players to display their skill against some of the best in the scene. 

Finally, the event will finish with a 5-on-5 Europe vs The World exhibition match. This match will include Arslan Ash and Anakin. The organizers will reveal the remaining participants at a later date.

The game features open sign-ups and will be streamed live on Twitch. 

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