100 Thieves may be making a return to Fortnite.

The president of the popular esports organization, 100 Thieves, took to Reddit to discuss the team's possible return to Fortnite. With many pros that have competed for 100 Thieves in the past, them making a comeback to the Battle Royale has excited many.

100 Thieves could return to Fortnite

100 Thieves has had quite the history within the popular Battle Royale. With huge names like Arkhram, MrSavage and more, 100 Thieves was once the top of the food chain in the world of competitive Fortnite.

But then, as many other organizations did, they decided to walk away from the game. Fortnite had always neglected to work more hand-in-hand with organizations, making it very difficult to stay profitable within the game.

With Fortnite content thriving, many organizations decided to pull their focus from competitive. It wasn't just 100 Thieves, though. FaZe, NRG and many others pulled away from the Battle Royale.

But now, 100 Thieves could be making a return.

President of 100 Thieves discusses the possibility of returning to Fortnite, CS2, Apex Legends and more

100 Thieves has had some big victories in many games, including Valorant, Call of Duty and more. Their rosters have been stacked for years now, with some of the biggest talent in gaming providing representation for the team.

But it looks like they are hungry for more.

"It is our ambition to enter more esports titles in the future," said Jacob Toft-Andersen, President of 100 Thieves, in a recent Reddit thread. "Reentering CS2, Apex Legends, Fortnite, as well as new titles."

The only issue is the lack of large tournaments within the Fortnite scene.

"In order for us to do so, it is paramount for recruiting that we are participating in the most significant tournaments. It is near impossible to convince the best players in the world to compete for us if they aren't able to participate in some of the most competitive and prize-rewarding tournaments."

The fact of the matter is, that Fortnite has very few large-scale tournaments. Yes, they have FNCS, but not large events that are meant to feature organizations and more. Hopefully, Fortnite sees these organizations wanting to make a return to the game and adjusts their system to help names like 100 Thieves and more to do so.

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