Here are the spots you can drop at in the new Fortnite Reload game mode.

Fortnite Reload is a new game mode that drops fans back into the OG Chapter 1 map. Described as a "mini Battle Royale" where players can respawn, Fortnite Reload offers players a classic loot pool with seriously iconic drop spots. The magnitude of this announcement has even led to a Fortnite collaboration with Kai Cenat and Sketch to promote the new mode. This article provides a look at the Fortnite Reload map and which locations you can expect.

All confirmed locations on the Fortnite Reload map

Image Credit: Fortnite.GG
Image Credit: Fortnite.GG

Apart from the obvious Tilted Towers, some other favorites, such as Retail Row and Pleasant Park, will also return. However, this map will be noticeably smaller based on the trailer and various leaks. It even features a spot named Lil' Loot Lake.

Here is a look at all the confirmed Fortnite Reload locations so far:

  • Tilted Towers
  • Pleasant Park
  • Lil' Loot Lake
  • Retail Row
  • Sandy Sheets
  • Lazy Laps
  • Dusty Docks
  • Lone Lodge
  • Snobby Shoals

Based on the leaked map, it's safe to say Lonely Lodge is also back in the mix. Sandy Sheets and Lazy Laps are new additions to the Fortnite Reload map. Although not OG drop spots, these appear to be a beach and racetrack location. Other new but possibly revamped drop spots include Snobby Shoals, Lone Lodge, and Dusty Docks.

What else will the new Fortnite game mode include?

The Fortnite OG map is necessary for Fortnite Reload, but what about the weapons? Based on screenshots from the recent trailer, weapons like the Hunting Rifle, Lever Action Shotgun, Bolt Action Sniper, Chug Jug, and Revolver should appear in the loot pool.

We anticipate more details to surface early on June 22 when the summer Fortnite update launches.

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