Ally Financial is taking advertising to a whole new level with UEFN.

Many brands have been striving to utilize Fortnite Creative lately, as UEFN (Unreal Editor for Fortnite) has become a staple within the gaming community. Ally Financial, a leading institution within the world of finance, is no stranger to the world of Fortnite as the company is working to create immersive and unique experiences within the game.

We were able to sit down with Senior Director of Branding at Ally Financial, Beth Woodruff, and discuss the future of the company in Fortnite.

Ally Financial to give gamers opportunities like no other

Ally Financial has been around within the Fortnite community since 2023 when the company launched its first activation in the game. From what started as a NASCAR campaign, the company has now worked with various other brands revolving around Fortnite Creative.

"We were built around a digitally native audience," said Woodruff in an exclusive interview. "It made a lot of sense to look at the gaming audience. Fortnite really hit that sweet spot of people aged 18 through 25."

Ally Financial's first activation involved a world centered around racing where the top scorers could win a trip to an actual NASCAR race.

"It's funny. When you look at other brands, they are usually buying arenas. We wanted to do something different. We wanted to create an arena in Fortnite that was available to everyone. You did not have to live in a specific city to visit it."

These Fortnite maps have already created such an immersive experience for gamers, giving players plenty of content to mess around with.

"These maps are a great way to help hype up our partnerships. We are creating a world where players want to return to."

The hype is real with Ally Financial's various Fortnite maps. Not only are they incredibly fun to play, but they are also supported by some of the biggest brands in sports.

Ally Financial teams up with United States Golf Association (USGA)

Ally Financial's most recent map was created in partnership with the United States Golf Association (USGA). The map features a speedrun that lets players play as the golf ball, as they race across the map trying to get the fastest score.

"We learned that speedruns are extremely popular," said Woodruff. "So we decided to create a golf speed run where you become the ball. We wanted something challenging. We wanted to make it competitive."

As challenging as the map is, Ally also kept a large focus of the world on USGA.

"Ally branded the map to draw attention to USGA. We want people to experience the brand in a different way. With a prize pool included, we were able to feed into that natural gameplay that Fortnite gamers love."

But it wasn't just men's golf that Ally was looking to promote.

"We want to bring attention to Women's athletics. With this map, we are able to bring more attention to Women's sports. We have a strong commitment to equity," said Woodruff.

With a $25,000 prize pool, and a chance to win a ticket to the 2025 US Opens, Ally Financial and the USGA are not holding back when it comes to giving fans what they want.

The future

Ally's collaboration with USGA is not the end of the company's journey within Fortnite. The organization has plenty of other maps and activations planned around the popular Battle Royale.

"We've worked with NASCAR. We've worked with the National Women's Soccer League. You should absolutely expect more collaborations," said Woodruff. "We are one of the first brands to really utilize UEFN. Everything we do in the space is about heightening the gameplay for the players."

Ally has dedicated itself to giving people a new type of ad experience, throwing away some of the old mundane ways of advertising.

"We have a long road map of how we want to continue building our island within Fortnite. We are constantly bringing in new and refreshing ideas with an entire team of gamers helping us develop these maps."

It seems like we should expect to see Ally Financial within the gaming and Fortnite space for much more of the foreseeable future, as the brand shows no signs of slowing down.

Want to play Ally's new map? Use the code posted here: 0524-4031-4301.

There will also be a live event hosted by AussieAntics this Thursday (June 20) at 5:30 pm EST, featuring many popular streamers exploring and competing within the new Ally Financial x USGA Fortnite map.

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