Here is what’s happening with split screen in Fortnite!

Players have taken to social media to question whether Fortnite removed the split screen option in the recent v29.20 update. Since its debut, the split screen option in Fortnite has been essential for console gamers looking to play with friends. However, Epic Games recently disabled this function, making many wonder if it's gone for good. That is not the case, and this article explains the cause of this outage.

UPDATE: Split screen in Fortnite has been re-enabled

After a three-day outage, Epic Games has confirmed that split screen functionality has returned to all console platforms.

Did Fortnite remove split screen?

Unlike what many have reported, Fortnite did not remove the split screen option from console gamers. According to the official Fortnite Status account on X, split screen has been disabled temporarily due to an issue. The last correspondence on this issue occurred on April 9, 2024, at 12:07 p.m. This update likely came through as a result of players raising their concerns.

Epic Games is actively working on the split screen issue, which means Fortnite did not remove the option to play on the same console with a friend or family member.

Those looking for an update should refer to this article and check the Fortnite Status account.

How do I enable split screen?

Split screen in Fortnite is an excellent option for two players looking to play on the same console. The HUD is quite different, so it's worth pointing out that the experience is not the same. However, looking past the limited view, you can still have fun playing Fortnite via split screen.

Those who want to try this can refer here, but below, we have included a brief set of instructions you can follow to start playing:

  1. Open Fortnite on your desired console (XBOX, PlayStation, or Nintendo Switch).
  2. Ensure two controllers are powered on and connected to the same system.
  3. Follow the on-screen prompts to log in as a second player.
  4. Queue into a lobby with your friend.

It's unclear how long the split screen outage will last in Fortnite, but we expect Epic Games to resolve it shortly.

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