Fortnite will be hosting a $1,250,000 tournament at the Esports World Cup this summer.

Yes, you read the title write. The Esports World Cup has officially announced a $1,250,000 Fortnite tournament happening this summer in Saudi Arabia. With qualifiers happening this weekend at DreamHack Dallas, Fortnite competitors are already preparing for what is going to be one of the biggest tournaments in Fortnite history.

Here is everything we know about the Fortnite tournament happening at the Esports World Cup this summer.

Travel the road from Dallas to Saudi Arabia during the Fortnite Esports World Cup

The Esports World Cup has been a staple within the gaming community for a few years now. It happens every summer in Saudi Arabia and features a plethora of major esports tournaments.

Fortnite first joined the series two years ago. Now, it seems like the game is still bringing in plenty of viewers, as the Esports World Cup shows no signs of dropping the game from their event.

So how are players qualifying? Well, there are two ways to qualify. First, competitors would have to show up to the DreamHack Dallas LAN event, happening this weekend (June 1-3). This $250,000 LAN event will not only grant competitors a large prize pool but also send the top players to Saudi Arabia.

Six teams will qualify from DreamHack Dallas.

Can't make DreamHack Dallas? Don't worry. Later in June, the Esports World Cup will be hosting an online qualifier.

Fortnite gets a $1,250,000 prize pool

It is always a great day when you see Fortnite tournaments gaining large prize pools outside of FNCS. The truth of the matter is, that large third-party Fortnite tournaments are scarce these days.

It seems, though, that the Esports World Cup is hoping to keep the esports scene with the popular Battle Royale alive.

Who do you expect to see at the Fortnite Esports World Cup this summer?

When is the Esports World Cup Fortnite tournament?

The Esports World Cup Fortnite tournament is set to take place in Saudi Arabia from August 8 through 11.

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