Trying to complete your Olympus Chest challenge in Fortnite?

Trying to locate all the Olympus Chests in Fortnite for the newest challenge? Luckily, we have assembled a guide for every Olympus Chest location in Fortnite.

The challenge consists of opening 3 Olympus Chests in a game. While these types of chests are also found around the Underworld, players can only open them around Mount Olympus, or else they will not count.

Fortnite Olympus Chest locations

First off, you must head to the Mount Olympus area of the map, which covers the bottom right corner. There are 15 Olympus Chests in the area, making them quite easy to find.

Here is every location of the Olympus Chests in Fortnite.

Pantheon Path

Pantheon Path currently only has one Olympus Chest. Head to the middle of the ancient relics, where you will find the chest underneath the structure.

West of Mount Olympus

There is one chest located just west of Mount Olympus. This is an easy chest to find and is usually distant from all the action if you are trying to avoid fighting.

Mount Olympus

Mount Olympus is a hot spot for Olympus Chests. The entire structure has five of these God Chests, making it a popular place for players to land. If you go searching here, make sure to have your weapons ready for a fight!

Brawler's Battleground

Just south of Mount Olympus is Brawler's Battleground, which currently has four Olympus Chests. This is also a great place to complete your challenges but may have quite a few players landing there too, so be prepared.

East of Mount Olympus

Two chests can be found just East of Mount Olympus along the mountainside, overlooking the coast. These are a bit more simpler ones to open for your challenge, as less players will probably be seen around them.

North of Mount Olympus

The last two chests are just North of Mount Olympus. One of them is within the countryside, while the other can be found in the small structure of buildings.

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