Fortnite adds 4 new Reality Augments in new update cover image

Fortnite adds 4 new Reality Augments in new update

New Reality Augments are here. Find out which ones are right for you in Fortnite’s new update.

Fortnite's new patch is here, and along with it are a few new interesting additions to the battle royale. From a Rift-jector Seat to a Mythic Pistol, the new Reality Augments are about to spice things up for both competitive and casual players.

Here is everything you need to know about Fortnite patch v23.30.

Fortnite adds the Rift-jector Seat, allowing players to rift whenever they take damage

Have you ever been in need of a quick getaway while fighting in Fortnite? The Rift-jector Seat Reality Augment is the perfect way to disappear from a fight.

When having the augment equipped, players who have their shield cracked will momentarily rift into the sky, allowing them to flee the fight.

Fortnite rift via Digital Trends
Fortnite rift via Digital Trends

The only catch; there is a short delay.

This still gives the opponent a chance to get their final shots in and eliminate you before you rift away, so do not expect the augment to free you that fast. Either way, it makes for a decent escape when needed.

As of now, the Rift-jector Seat is the only augment added within this patch that will not be included in competitive playlists.

Shadow Bombs are back with the new Shadow Striker Reality Augment

Miss the Shadow Bombs? Fortnite has officially added the item back into the game with their new Shadow Striker Reality Augment.

Fortnite Shadow Bomb
Fortnite Shadow Bomb

The augment gives players a chance to find Shadow Bombs in the containers they search. This mimics the Splash Medic Reality Augment, which gives players a chance at finding splashes in containers.

Endgames are about to be intense, as this item not only adds more rotation to the game but makes players invisible for brief moments.

Connect with ice at any moment with the Icy Slide Reality Augment

Imagine yourself running across the ice-covered lakes, speeding through your rotation. Now, imagine yourself doing just that, but in a completely different part of the map.

Fortnite's new Icy Slide Reality Augment will give players the chance to utilize a brief icy speed boost after they slide.

Be careful about how you use it though. The ice may be tricky to control at times. Make sure you stop yourself from sliding too far.

Harvest Big Bush Bombs and forageables with the Harvester Reality Augment

The new Harvester Reality Augment utilizes foliage placed throughout the map and gives players Big Bush Bombs and forageables to play around with.

Big Bush Bomb via Game Spot
Big Bush Bomb via Game Spot

For players equipped with the Bush Warrior Reality Augment, having multiple Big Bush Bombs in your inventory could become key for making it through the endgame.

Not only do the forageables become more accessible with this Reality Augment, but their effectiveness also increases.

Mythic Pistol? No Problem

The final Reality Augment that was added in Fortnite's recent update is Mythic Munition. When equipped, Mythic Munition gives competitors a Mythic Pistol.

We have already seen how easy it is to shred through builds with all variants of the pistol, but adding a Mythic version will become an absolute game-changer for those looking to obtain the item.

Watch out, the last thing you want is to find yourself on the opposite end of this weapon.

Everything else added with Fortnite's new update

The Reality Augments were not the only addition seen within today's update. Fortnite also has officially revealed its second collaboration with Dragon Ball Super.

From new skins to new items, everything with this collab should excite Fortnite and anime fans alike.

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