Fortnite makeup is here, this is what reviewers are saying cover image

Fortnite makeup is here, this is what reviewers are saying

Do you fancy a Peely makeup brush or body mist? Look no further than this Fortnite makeup collaboration!

Fortnite has become famous for its various collaborations in and out of the game. From well-known video game series to high-quality clothing brands, Epic Games and Fortnite have done it all. At least, that's what it seemed. The game's recent partnership with Revolution brought Fortnite makeup into existence, but is it any good?

Today, you will learn everything there is to know about the Revolution x Fortnite makeup line and see if it's worth your investment. 

Revolution x Fortnite: how did this makeup collab come to be?

While the exact origin of the collaboration is unknown, at some point, the UK-based cosmetic company struck a deal with Epic Games.

Fortnite leaker iFireMonkey first reported it back in late April. Radio silence followed before Revolution officially launched the collaboration on May 19. 

Where can you purchase the products?

The line is now officially available for purchase in Walmart stores, online, and the Revolution website. Here is what you'll find when browsing the catalog. 

Revolution x Fortnite makeup products and pricing

Image via erinfps420
Image via erinfps420

There are 24 products available for purchase on the Revolution makeup website. These include lip gloss, mascara, body mist, and much more. 

The cost is reasonable compared to other makeup brands, with products ranging between $8 and $12 USD. It's worth mentioning that the theming is faithful to the Fortnite characters it represents. 

Considering the price range and appearance, it's safe to say the Fortnite x Revolution line is aimed at a younger audience and Fortnite fans.

Here's a complete list of the makeup line:

  • Supply Llama 9 Pan Shadow Palette – $12.00
  • Water Activated Liner Palette – $12.00
  • Peely 9 Pan Shadow Palette – $12.00
  • Cuddle Team Leader 9 Pan Shadow Palette – $12.00
  • Supply Llama Dewy Swirl Primer – $12.00
  • Peely Banana Mousse Mask – $12.00
  • Peely Masking Brush – $10.00
  • Cuddle Team Leader Cosmetics Bag – $10.00
  • Body Mist Llama – $10.00
  • Peely Body Mist – $10.00
  • Body Mist Cuddle Team Leader – $10.00
  • Peely Banana Light Baking Powder – $8.00
  • Peely Banana Lip Oil – $8.00
  • Cuddle Team Leader Pink Shimmer Lip Gloss – $8.00
  • Peely Masking Headband – $8.00
  • Peely Banana Lash Mascara – $8.00
  • Llama Lip Swirl – $8.00
  • Peely Banana Sponge – $8.00
  • Peely Fixing Spray – $8.00
  • Supply Llama Lash Mascara – $8.00
  • Cuddle Team Leader Lash Mascara – $8.00
  • Face Palette – $8.00
  • Trio Sponge Set – $10.00

The ultimate question: is it any good?

Numerous influencers have released videos of themselves unboxing and reviewing the Revolution x Fortnite makeup line. YouTuber MoreToFaye posted a video, going through the various products and testing them.

Most YouTube reviews were positive, with highlights such as the price and quality. Upon checking the product reviews on the Revolution website, the reception is also mostly positive. 

Verified purchaser Kat reviewed the Team Leader 9 Shadow Palette and gave it five stars, writing, "Gorgeous colors, nice pigments, versatile. Perfect even for someone who isn't a Fortnite fan."

Image via Revolution Beauty
Image via Revolution Beauty

While it's unclear if this is the same user, Kat gave the Supply Llama Dewy Swirl Primer five stars, saying, "Really great product, smooth finish to my skin and makes my foundation lay flat. Not too dewy and just right! It's also really fun to look at!"

Rene provided a five-star review on the Character Trio Brush Set, highlighting the vibrant colors and sturdiness of the product. 

Not all of the website reviews were positive. One of the few less-than-favorable Fortnite makeup reviews for the Llama Lip Swirl was from user Krys, who writes, "While I can appreciate products with zero scent or flavor, this is absolutely terrible. It smelled almost like melted plastic and I'm not excited to put it on my lips. Super disappointed."

The verdict

Overall, these Fortnite makeup products are relatively generic. Revolution Beauty did not necessarily reinvent the wheel, but that's okay. Reviewers have felt the quality, price, and branding are on par with what you could expect. 

Are you a Fortnite fan who would enjoy this branded makeup? This product might be for you. Otherwise, you may not find people going out of their way to find and purchase it. 

You can pick up the Revolution x Fortnite makeup line on the company's official website or at Walmart. Many of the products have sold out, so you may want to act fast!

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