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Fortnite to add Proximity Chat

Proximity Chat is officially coming to Fortnite.

One of the most popular additions to games like Call of Duty is Proximity Chat. Fortnite, who has never before experimented with the mechanic, is now planning on adding Proximity Chat to Fortnite Creative.

So what is Proximity Chat? And why are Fortnite fans so excited about it being added to the Battle Royale?

Proximity Chat is officially coming to Fortnite

So what exactly is Proximity Chat? Well, Proximity Chat is when you are in the same proximity as another player and you can hear them speak. This became extremely popular in games like Call of Duty, as many creators were able to develop outrageously fun content with the mechanic.

But why hasn't Fortnite added Proximity Chat already? Well, the game has a much younger player base, making Proximity Chat somewhat dangerous. Parents do not want their kids running into players who are preparing to cuss up a storm.

Luckily, though, games with Proximity Chat usually have options to disable the mechanic. We can only assume that Fortnite would do the same.

There is a catch, though. Proximity Chat will not necessarily be added to Fortnite as a whole, but just to Fortnite Creative for the time being.

Will Proximity Chat ever come to the actual Battle Royale?

For the moment, it seems like Proximity Chat will only be available in Fortnite Creative. This is an experimental stage for Epic Games, as they are preparing to see if the mechanic will appeal to players.

Still, it doesn't seem like this will be much different than joining game chat when in Fortnite Creative, where you can already hear all the players on the same map as you.

So when will Proximity Chat be released within Fortnite Creative? At the moment, there is no official release date, but we can only hope that it appears within the game soon.

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