What did Clix mean when he said he has an OG Bundle coming out soon?

We like (OG) Fortnite. That being said, it seems like the popular creator and professional player, Clix, will be releasing an ultra-rare OG bundle pretty soon.

Here is what we know about the upcoming OG Clix Bundle.

Clix to release new bundle on June 24

It is not secret news that Clix will be re-releasing his bundle on June 24. The popular competitor and entertainer has made it known for quite some time now that he will have his bundle returning to the shops.

But what if something even greater was to return with it?

On his stream, Clix said: "June 24, in two weeks, I am bringing back my normal Clix Bundle," said Clix on his live-stream. "And then I am going to have another bundle after that that is going to be a whole different bundle."

So what exactly should players expect in the new Clix Bundle?

"This bundle is going to have like h*lla OG Sh*t that hasn't been out in f*cking thousands of days."

While no one is quite sure exactly what OG items he is talking about, it is easy to expect weapons such as the Pump Shotgun, Assault Rifle and other classics to return.

Will the bundle be a new game mode or in the Battle Royale?

The big question is, though, will the OG Clix Bundle be a brand-new game mode? Or will it just be a part of the Battle Royale?

Back in the day, Fortnite released the Bugha Late Game mode, which was its own separate game mode. So will Clix be getting a new game mode? Or will the game itself just include the weapons he chooses?

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