Fortnite continues to fight Apple, pushing for the game to return on iOS.

You won't believe this, but Fortnite has officially announced that not only will the game be back for iPhones, but it will also be available to download and play on iPads.

This is a huge move forward for the game, as it has not been on iOS systems since August 2020.

Fortnite announces it will be available for iPads in the EU

Back in January, Fortnite officially announced that the game would be returning to iOS systems after it was removed back in 2020. The only problem was that it would only be available in specific areas of Europe.

Yep, sadly, all other countries wanting to play Fortnite on iOS will have to wait, but this is a step in the right direction.

Today (April 29, 2024), Fortnite made an official announcement that Fortnite will not only return to iPhones but also for iPads.

"Update: The EU announced today that this also applies to iPads!" said Fortnite in a recent Twitter post. "Fortnite will return to iPhones in the EU pretty soon, AND iPads later this year!"

This is a huge feat for the Battle Royale. Hopefully, we can see the game return to iOS in more countries sooner rather than later.

About the Fortnite vs. Apple controversy

Confused as to why Fortnite was taken off the iOS App Store? Well, it began when Epic Games disputed with Apple back in 2020, due to them charging extra for in-game purchases.

This has been an ongoing issue with many apps, including Twitch and more. Fortnite, though, was not going to stand for it and ended up removing the game from iOS, pushing plenty of lawsuits against Apple.

Since then, we have seen little to no progress, until now. With Fortnite returning to iOS in parts of the EU, we will hopefully see the game make a full return to iOS all around the world.

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