Here is how you can fix the Fortnite MD-DL error code.

Recently, Fortnite players have been encountering an error message when attempting to install or update the game.

Error Code: MD-DL via WE PC
Error Code: MD-DL via WE PC

Install Failed: Could not download installation information. Please try again later. Error Code: MD-DL.

Not necessarily something you want to see, right? Well, do not worry, because there are solutions to this problem. Here is how you can fix the Fortnite MD-DL error.

Fortnite Error Code: MD-DL fix

There are a few reasons this error could be happening, and unfortunately, it may be out of your hands to fix. The problem could just persist within the Epic Games launcher, but it could also be an issue with your internet provider.

Here is how you can figure out why you are receiving this error code in Fortnite, and how you can potentially fix it.

#1. Restart your Epic Games Launcher

There may just be a temporary bug in the Epic Games launcher. Sometimes, just restarting the launcher and starting your download over will fix the issues.

Epic Games launcher via Epic Games
Epic Games launcher via Epic Games

#2. Verify game files

Often overlooked, verifying your game files can be an easy fix to most issues within Fortnite. To see if this is the reason for your MD-DL error code, follow these steps:

  • Open the Epic Games launcher
  • Select Library
  • Click on the three dots below the game
  • Select Verify

Now wait for the game to verify your files, and if you are lucky, this will have fixed your error code.

Verify Fortnite via Epic Games
Verify Fortnite via Epic Games

#3 Troubleshoot your internet

This could simply just be an issue with your internet connection. Make sure you have checked whether or not your connection is stable at the moment. If not, you may just have to wait until your internet is back to normal to get rid of the MD-DL error code.

Troubleshoot internet via PCMag
Troubleshoot internet via PCMag

#4 Check the Fortnite Server status

Another one that is completely out of your hands is whether or not the Fortnite servers are having issues. The MD-DL error code may simply be happening due to something on Fortnite's end, and you will just have to wait for them to fix it.

#5 Delete and re-install Epic Games launcher and Fortnite

Finally, if none of these work, then try deleting the Epic Games launcher and Fortnite application. Once done, attempt to re-install both. Hopefully, this will end up fixing the MD-DL error code.

Delete Fortnite via Nektony
Delete Fortnite via Nektony

Bugs happen! Fortnite is not immune to them

Unfortunately, like all games, Fortnite will have its fair share of bugs and error codes. Luckily, Epic Games is constantly working on making the game as stable as possible for users.

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