Here’s how to get your hands on a free Fortnite Back Bling and Wrap!

Fortnite players, specifically on PC, can unlock two free in-game cosmetics items for a limited time. Dubbed the Overlocked Combo Pack, Epic Games announced this free Back Bling and Wrap via their social media accounts to celebrate an Epic Games “Mega Sale.” This article explains how you can grab these two items through Fortnite add ons. 

How to unlock the Overclocked Combo Pack via Fortnite Add Ons

From now until June 16, 2024, players can effortlessly acquire the Overclocked Combo Pack through the Epic Games Store. Simply navigate to the Store, head to the Fortnite Add Ons page, and find the Overclocked Combo Pack available. The best part? No actual money is required to acquire these items. 

After successfully purchasing the Combo Pack via Fortnite Add Ons, load into Fortnite, and the items should appear immediately.

Here’s a complete step-by-step guide with screenshots:

  1. Open your Epic Games Launcher.
  1. Navigate to the Store.
  1. Search 'Fortnite' and click on the top option.
  1. Select the Fortnite 'Add Ons' option right beside 'Overview.'
  1. Select the Overclocked Combo Pack.
  1. Click the yellow 'Get' button to take you to the purchase page.
  1. Complete the purchase.
  1. Head into Fortnite and confirm the rewards were successfully purchased.

Where to find the Overclocked Combo Pack after purchasing it

image 1
image 2

After following the steps above, you can head into Fortnite to verify whether purchasing the pack via Fortnite Add Ons worked. A notification like the one above should show the Codeshear Cloak Back Bling and Grindspeed Wrap.

image 1
image 2

To equip the items, you can do it right from the screen above using the 'Equip' option or heading to your in-game Locker. Once you have arrived at your Locker, you can sort by 'Recent' to find the Overclocked Combo Pack Wrap and Back Bling.

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