Could it be? We think not.

Fortnite Zero Build has become a core game mode, and many players have chosen it over traditional Battle Royale. However, recent rumors on social media have indicated Epic Games’ plans to remove Zero Build from Fortnite. With April Fools’ Day yesterday, it’s doubtful that Fortnite is removing Zero Build, and we will explain why.

Is Fortnite removing Zero Build?

The short answer is a resounding “no.” Hundreds of thousands of players have enjoyed Fortnite Zero Build since it launched in Chapter 3. It provides players with an alternative to Battle Royale, which can be difficult for those not in tune with Fortnite’s building mechanic.

As a result, the success of Fortnite Zero Build speaks for itself. It’s worth mentioning that Epic Games has several more Zero Build tournaments, including Victory Cups and more, scheduled through the end of Chapter 5 Season 2. That means Zero Build is here to stay and is most likely a permanent game mode.

Why are these rumors spreading through the Fortnite scene?

The answer to this question is simple: April Fools’ Day. However, unlike the Diamond Hanz skin, this joke did not begin with Epic Games. It was mostly a product of TikTok and X, where some accounts started the rumor of Fortnite removing Zero Build. Unless it comes directly from a verified Fortnite account, it’s safe to say this is a joke.

There is no need to panic, as Fortnite Zero Build will not be going anywhere anytime soon. Zero Build is a successful game mode, generating significantly more players than other modes, such as Party Royale and Team Rumble. Zero Build has its own Ranked Mode and playlist, so that should be enough evidence to disprove the April 1 rumor.

Fear not, as Fortnite Zero Build is far too significant to remove.

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