Chapter 4 Season 2 leaks are here, including a possibility that first-person mode is being added to Fortnite.

Trusted data miners recently revealed that first-person mode might be coming to Fortnite, the latest of many Chapter 4 Season 2 leaks.

Fortnite has continued to be a huge game in the battle royale genre thanks to its colorful crossovers with popular IPs and ever-changing content. Epic Games has continued to change up Fortnite with each chapter, including Zero Build mode. Some of the changes haven't been popular, but a possible update looks like it will be big if true.

Leakers find first-person mode coming to Fortnite

Two popular Fortnite data miners have come forward with an interesting discovery. ShiinaBR and HYPEX both tweeted earlier this week that first-person mode is coming when Chapter 4 Season 2 begins. According to ShiinaBR, first-person's arrival was confirmed by an inside source that was right about previous leaks.

This release time would make sense since the mechanic has actually been rumored for quite some time now.

Chapter 4 Season 2 leaks

First-person isn't the only leak that's come out for the upcoming season. It's also been rumored that Chapter 4 Season 2 is introducing proximity chat to the game, similar to Call of Duty: Warzone 2. This has proven a fun feature in the rival battle royale. This could prove dangerous with Fortnite's young playerbase, however.

A lot of skins have also been leaked, many of which are very futuristic and edgy in style. Erin Yeager is also in the mix since there are rumors of an Attack on Titan crossover coming to Fortnite in Chapter 4 Season 2.

New locations are also possibly on the way, including a POI called Throne Room. This area seems like it would be part of the game's ever-changing story.