Lady Gaga Fortnite Festival Pass explained cover image

Lady Gaga Fortnite Festival Pass explained

Call it a GOOD Romance!

The Grammy Award-winning artist Lady Gaga is officially joining Fortnite as part of the game's "Festival" game mode. Like the hit game Rock Band, Fortnite Festival allows players to perform a list of songs using an in-game microphone, guitar, bass, and drums. Various artists, including Ariana Grande and The Weeknd, have seen their music featured in the Fortnite Festival, and beginning tomorrow, Lady Gaga will add herself to that list.

Today, Epic Games unveiled the first look at Lady Gaga in Fortnite alongside her complete Fortnite Festival Pass Season 2 lineup. Here's everything you need to know.

First look at Lady Gaga in Fortnite

Five years after posing the question "What's fortnight," pop sensation Lady Gaga has finally received an answer. Following fellow Grammy Award-winning artist The Weeknd, Lady Gaga joins Fortnite Festival Season 2 as the headlining act. Before we get to the Season 2 Pass, Epic Games has given fans a look at Lady Gaga's Fortnite skin, which you can see below.

The "Bad Romance" singer enters Fortnite with two Fortnite Outfits: Enigmatic Gaga and Chromatica Gaga. Lady Gaga's Enigmatic version is available as a Premium Track reward in the Fortnite Festival Season 2 Pass, which will be available starting on February 22, following the patch downtime. The Chromatica version will become an Item Shop skin from tomorrow until the end of Season 2.

Here is a list of the items included in the Lady Gaga Chromatic Fortnite Bundle:

  • Chromatica Armor Outfit
  • Bass
  • Mic
  • "Stupid Love" Jam Track
  • Rain Check Emote

What's included in the Fortnite Festival Season 2 Pass?

Lady Gaga's Fortnite Festival Pass follows the same format seen previously in The Weekend's Pass. Players can unlock the "Premium" version for 1,800 V-Bucks, giving you access to the Enigmatic Gaga Outfit. However, there is some work that players need to do before unlocking the Lady Gaga Fortnite skin.

As you play Fortnite Festival, players will earn "Festival Points." After earning enough, you can begin unlocking the rewards in the image above. You must earn 11,000 Festival Points and purchase the Premium Fortnite Festival Season 2 Pass to acquire the Enigmatic Gaga skin.

Here is a complete list of the rewards available in the Lady Gaga Fortnite Festival Pass:


  • Loading Screen - 1,000 Festival Points
  • 8-Bit Beat Jam Track - 2,000 Festival Points
  • Pop Off Aura - 3,000 Festival Points
  • Strap Spin Emote - 4,000 Festival Points
  • Spray - 5,000 Festival Points
  • Bloom Jam Track - 6,000 Festival Points
  • Guitar - 7,000 Festival Points
  • Backbeat Bow Emote - 8,000 Festival Points
  • Emoticon - 9,000 Festival Points
  • Best Buds Jam Track - 10,000 Festival Points
  • Woodworker Drums - 11,000 Festival Points


  • Chromatica Guitar - 1,000 Festival Points
  • "Ride Wit Me" Jam Track by Nelly ft. City Spud - 2,000 Festival Points
  • The Gaga Collection Loading Screen - 3,000 Festival Points
  • "Black Whole Sun" Jam Track by Soundgarden - 4,000 Festival Points
  • Aurora Aura - 5,000 Festival Points
  • "Breaking Me" Jam Track by Topic w/ A7S - 6,000 Festival Points
  • Chromatica Keytar - 7,000 Festival Points
  • "Poker Face" Jam Track by Lady Gaga - 8,000 Festival Points
  • Electric Sine Back Bling - 9,000 Festival Points
  • Kindness Punk Emote - 10,000 Festival Points
  • Enigmatic Gaga Outfit - 11,000 Festival Points

The following Lady Gaga songs will be available as Jam Tracks in Fortnite Festival:

  • Applause
  • Bloody Mary
  • Born This Way
  • The Edge of Glory
  • Just Dance
  • Rain On Me
  • Stupid Love

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