Here’s what we know about the upcoming Loki x Fortnite collab!

Loki from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) will soon return to Fortnite. Since his debut in the early days of the Fortnite Crew subscription service, players who missed out have longed for an opportunity to play as Loki. That day will arrive soon based on a recent teaser and leaks. Here's everything we know about the upcoming Loki x Fortnite crossover.

What can I expect in the upcoming Loki Fortnite collaboration?

The first official Loki teaser arrived on May 14 from Fortnite's official X account. It depicts four separate images combined into one image of Miss Minutes from the Loki series. Fortnite's Instagram account posted a similar teaser for the Loki crossover.

The Instagram post provides a bit more intel on what you can expect. Based on the words, "Got a couple of troublesome timeline travelers I'm hoping you can babysit for me," that indicates two characters from the Loki series will be available in the Item Shop. That confirms leaker HYPEX's report from May 3, which showcases Loki and Sylvie from the Disney Plus series.

A complete list of Loki cosmetics due to arrive in the Item Shop

Fortnite leaker and data miner GMatrix published a complete list of the Loki cosmetics coming to Fortnite. As you can see, the collaboration includes two Outfits, two Pickaxes, an Emote, and a Wrap. Additionally, players will have the opportunity to purchase a Sylvie Laufeydottir and/or Loki Bundle.

Here is a complete list of the items:

  • Loki Bundle
    • Loki, God of Stories Outfit
    • Miss Minutes Back Bling
    • Mischief Flip Emote
    • TVA Time Stick Pickaxe
  • Sylvie Laufeydottir Bundle
    • Sylvie Laufeydottir Outfit
    • Sylvie's Crown Back Bling
    • Sylvie's Armor Wrap
    • Sylvie's Sword Pickaxe

Although pricing and release date are currently unknown, we expect to hear more in the coming days.

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