Fortnite Festival is officially getting Rock Band instruments, while Rock Band 4 shuts down its constant updates.

It is a sad day when one of your favorite video games announces an end to its content. Rock Band 4, which has been releasing new content within the game for some time now, has officially announced the end of the game's constant support. However, there is a silver lining as Rock Band is officially working with Fortnite Festival to add instrument integration into the game.

The Rock Band's series developer, Harmonix, announced today via a blog that support for Rock Band 4 will officially come to an end.

"After over 8 years of weekly Rock Band 4 DLC releases, we’re here to let you know that January 25 will be the last DLC release of the RB4 era," said Harmonix in a recent blog post.

So will Harmonix develop a Rock Band 5? Or is their full support going into Fortnite now?

Harmonix to quit making Rock Band 4 content, and instead work on Fortnite Festival

If you know anything about gaming, you have probably heard of both Fortnite Festival and Rock Band 4. Fortnite Festival lets players rock out to their favorite songs like Rock Band. The twist, though, is that Fortnite Festival gamers can use some of their favorite skins too while playing the game.

Imagine a lineup of Goku, Naruto and Iron Man playing Vampire by Olivia Rodrigo; something that is literally possible in Fortnite Festival.

Still, Fortnite has no instrument integration, making it a bit less fun than games like Guitar Hero or Rock Band. Players have to just use their controllers or gaming keyboards to play. All of this is changing soon, though.

Harmonix to add instrument integration into Fortnite Festival

Since Harmonix is also the studio that helped develop Fortnite Festival, the infamous team that made Rock Band is working hard on adding instrument integration into Fortnite Festival.

While this may seem like a sad day for Rock Band 4 players, they will still be able to use their instruments playing Fortnite Festival, which is releasing new songs every week.

Also, Fortnite Festival is completely free. All you have to do is download Fortnite to play. This is a huge win for the Fortnite community, and will be interesting to see how many gamers within the Rock Band community will move over.

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