A new and less toxic era of Fortnite is upon us.

A new era of Fortnite has arrived, and toxic Emotes are a lesser part of it. Anyone who has played the game has undoubtedly witnessed either the "Take The L" or "Laugh It Up" Fortnite Emote. These Emotes usually follow an opponent boxing you like a fish or full piecing and 200 pumping you. In Layman's terms, it's when a sweat sends you back to the lobby. With the introduction of a "Confrontational Emote" filter, Fortnite players can now choose not to see these "toxic" Emotes.

Confrontational Emote filtering in Fortnite explained

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Despite introducing somewhat toxic Emotes in Fortnite's early days, players will soon have the option to choose whether they can see Take The L, Laugh It Up, and more. In tomorrow's Fortnite v29.30 update, Epic Games will introduce Confrontational Emote settings. This option will allow players to completely eliminate a select few "toxic" Emotes from their view.

That means the opposing character will stand motionless when an opponent eliminates you in Fortnite instead of seeing the Take The L or Laugh It Up Emote. According to Epic Games' blog post, this creates a more relaxing environment for those not interested in confrontational Emotes.

"We want emotes to be a source of good vibes, but a few (cough Take the L cough) can sometimes feel a bit overly confrontational. Tomorrow's update will introduce a new Confrontational Emotes setting to toggle visibility on these Emotes."

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This setting applies to the following Emotes:

  • Laugh It Up
  • Take the L
  • Whipcrack
  • Make It Plantain

Mixed response to this unexpected change

Well-known Fortnite creators chimed in on this change, and the responses vary. Family-friendly streamer Nick Eh 30 thanked Epic Games for this option, and that's likely because stream snipers are constantly farming him for clips and negative reactions.

On the other hand, Jack "CouRageJD" Dunlop believes this was a poor decision, writing, "LMAO we are so doomed." The consensus based on the responses beneath the post is that nerfing the toxic Fortnite Emotes via this new Confrontational setting is a sign of the times and not a good one.

Many feel sustaining a Take The L or Laugh It Up forced you to level up your Fortnite gameplay to compete with the sweats. Now, you can flip a switch and remove these Emotes from your view. Although it's worth mentioning that few noises in the world are more annoying than the donkey laugh.

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