This incredible Fortnite boss battle makes us wish more shooting games did boss fights this way instead of endless bullet sponges.

Fortnite’s creative maps have exploded in popularity with the release of Creative 2.0, but we don’t think we’ve seen anything like this absolutely mind-blowing boss fight. Titled Doomsday: Raid Boss Battle, this creative map by sigrs pits you and up to five other players against a titanic boss that would seem more at home in an MMO than Fortnite.

The map even includes three “classes,” the Vanguard, Assault, and Support, which are Tank, DPS, and Support respectively. And with a ridiculous amount of health, and crazy attacks to dodge, you might need a full party for this one!

The map plays out a bit like a Final Fantasy 14 map, and we’re not the first to notice that. The bosses’ attacks are telegraphed with red markers, and then you need to dodge them. Some require you to jump to beat waves of damage that’ll easily knock you off. YouTube channel RoyaleMishMash has a fantastic video showcasing the mode.

How to play the Fortnite MMO boss fight

We jumped on and played a bit ourselves, albeit on our own rather than in a party. We decided to go with Vanguard, as the shield could be self cast. The boss fight isn’t too challenging, but we did die a few times before we found the right pattern and defeated it. We’ll leave the map code below:

Doomsday: Raid Boss Battle Map Code: 8699-5345-4889

Alternatively, head to the official page and click “Add to Playlist.” Following this, navigate to discover, and then launch your game with your new playlist!

Is this how good shooter boss fights could be?

Honestly, after playing around with the Fortnite Doomsday: Raid Boss Battle Map for a while we couldn’t notice we were having more fun than we’d had in any looter shooter boss battle we could remember. Why is it that Destiny 2 and The Division’s bosses felt like unfair bullet sponges and this feels fun and refreshing?

Perhaps because instead of borrowing from shooters as inspiration, this one is clearly cribbing notes from MMOs like World of Warcraft, FFXIV, Guildwars, and others. And if there are more in this series of maps to come, we’d be interested to see what creative solutions sigrs comes up with to keep it fresh!

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