Yep, the popular Platform Battle Royal, Fall Guys, is making its way to Fortnite.

Who would have thought, that two of Epic Games' biggest titles would soon do a crossover? Yep, you heard it here: the popular Platform Battle Royale, Fall Guys, is coming to Fortnite.

Here is everything we know about the Fall Guys x Fortnite collaboration.

Fall Guys x Fortnite

When first released, Fall Guys took the gaming world by storm, just as Fortnite did. The only problem: the game was not free. Eventually, Fall Guys saw a massive decline in numbers as many gamers decided not to purchase the title.

Then, Epic Games purchased the popular Battle Royale, and published it for free, making way for a whole new fanbase. Fall Guys began to surge, and many fell in love with the game.

But now, the game is officially coming to Fortnite. Many leakers have already shared the news on Twitter, including Hypex, who is extremely well-trusted within the Fortnite community.

So what exactly will the Fortnite x Fall Guys collaboration be like?

What will the collaboration include?

It's more than likely that the collaboration will be primarily in Creative. From what we know, Epic has declared that Fall Guys Islands are in early access.

This hints at different popular Creative Islands that people will be able to join, with many different mini-games. Will it be exactly like Fall Guys, though? Or will it be an entirely new type of game?

Well, we will have to wait for it to be released first. However, this could also be hinting at an island within the Battle Royale that contains the Fall Guys characters, too.

When does Fall Guys come to Fortnite?

June 17! This is a confirmed date, so be ready for the collaboration.

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