A Palworld Pokémon mod has arrived, adding characters and creatures from the number one media franchise of all time.

Palworld has topped the Steam charts with its massive influx of players. This Pokémon game with guns has quickly become a best-selling title, so it makes sense that the modding community is diving in. And with a new Palworld Pokémon mod, it actually can be the "Pokémon with guns" we've all labeled it.

YouTuber ToastedShoes shows off Palworld Pokémon mod

(Image via ToastedShoes/The Pokemon Company/Pocketpair)
(Image via ToastedShoes/The Pokemon Company/Pocketpair)

If you aren't familiar with ToastedShoes, he is a successful YouTuber that often plays modded games. At the time of writing, he has over 736k subscribers, and has played mods that put Disney characters into Mortal Kombat, the animals of Madagascar into COD: Zombies, and so many more.

He has a team of modders that he frequently works with, who create mods for his videos, that he then showcases and puts on his Patreon. It was only a matter of time before he got his hands on a Palworld Pokémon mod.

The game has sold millions of copies in its first few days, but it has definitely divided some fanbases. Maybe this mod will bring them together, as it turns your main character into Ash Ketchum and swaps many Pals with the Pokémon they've been compared to.

There are even NPC reskins for Brock, Misty, and Team Rocket in the mod, as ToastedShoes had previewed originally on his X account. You'll find Pikachu, Piplup, Torchic, Wooloo, and whole Paldeck of creatures turned into a Pokedex.

UPDATE: Nintendo DMCA strikes mod video on X, ToastedShoes plans different release strategy

As you can see from above, the video is live on ToastedShoes' YouTube channel. The Palworld Pokémon mod is alive and well, despite every instance of it being removed from X. The original post and subsequent outlets sharing it all had the video taken down.

That didn't stop ToastedShoes from sharing the video on his channel, but he did deliver an update through is Patreon. His $5/month membership is how you can access his mod launcher, with a free tier available if you just want updates from the creator.

Well, the update regarding the Palworld Pokémon mod was sent. The YouTuber states, "Due to Nintendo's harsh stance on modding and the modding scene, we have decided not to 'poke the bear' by releasing the mod on Patreon."

He and his team plan on releasing the mod for free on another site, such as NexusMods in the future. ToastedShoes just wanted to play it safe for now, especially with Nintendo already taking action against the short clip of the mod.

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