Rutgers University finished 1st by a huge margin in the Genshin Impact University Carnival USA East Qualifiers. Four teams in total from the East Coast now head to the LAN finals!

The Genshin Impact University Carnival USA saw more than 24 teams competing in the tournament. The event which had a unique format saw spirited teams of three racing against each other towards victory. En route were small obstacles and a few crucial mistakes that were setbacks, but eventually eight teams came out on top. 

There were two qualifiers for the Genshin Impact University Carnival USA on October 15-16th, 2022. Everyone was given a C6 characters and R5 weapons - players had to pick and choose their artifacts and work their way through the game. 

All the Genshin Impact accounts were provided from MiHoYo and as a result there was an equal playing field. The slight variance in the artifacts provided also brought an increased focus on players’ skills and individual abilities. And the best players rose above the rest in this qualifier. 

Stamina Capped? No problem - We have Yelan

With the stamina bars expected to play a huge role, fans were expecting a lot of Yelan plays. And it wasn’t a surprise to see teams field triple Yelan lineups. There were no restrictions on the number of same characters in the tournament.

Yelan can recharge her burst with her skill making her one of the better companions for this particular format. Yelan’s Depth-Clarion Dice, costs only 70 energy, by no means an astronomical amount in Genshin Impact. Players often spam the elemental burst whenever its available and in a format where the first team wins, Yelan formed an important part of many team’s strats.

It was after the Noblesse domain. I noticed on the right side, there was a giant open space and we were using triple Yelan at the time. So I was like ‘Oh why not take advantage of that’. There were small little crevices there and up on the mountain. So we just go there and jump and you just gain stamina and you basically use Yelan for the maximum.

Carth, Rutgers University

Genshin Impact University Carnival East Results

Rutgers University were #1 finishers with a time of just 20 minutes
Rutgers University were #1 finishers with a time of just 20 minutes

The teams that qualified for the Main event are as follows:

  • Rutgers University - 20:00:92
  • University of Central Florida -  22:10:11
  • New England College - 23:08:41
  • University of Pennsylvania - 23:20:22

The qualifiers were open to players from all universities but the aforementioned four were the best. With mere seconds separating them in some instances, the qualifiers were much closer than they appear.

Event format

For those interested, the Event format required teams to complete objectives with all members present. If teams completed objectives without all members present, it would not count as completed.

  • Teams had to complete a list of objectives ranging from domains to open world exploration within a time limit. 
  • At all points through the competition, players had to stick together and complete all content as a team. 
  • Any content completed without the entire team present would not be counted. 
  • The winner was determined by whichever team completed all objectives in the fastest time.

These four universities have now qualified for the LAN finals which will take place on October 29 at Seattle, Washington at Gameworks. With mini-games and meet and greets, fans can expect top tier gameplay and a fun experience overall at the event. For more information and updates follow the eFuse Twitter account.