Logan Paul looks like a natural as the YouTube star wins at WrestleMania  cover image

Logan Paul looks like a natural as the YouTube star wins at WrestleMania 

Logan Paul looked like the squared circle was made for him as he made his professional wrestling debut at WrestleMania.

Logan Paul has been the villain of YouTube and social media for years now, but little did we know it was all preparation for his career as a pro-wrestling villain. In his WrestleMania debut (Saturday, March 2nd), the podcast host and boxer looked like a natural taking on the role of the heel (bad-guy) as he tagged with fellow villain Mike “The Miz” Mizanin.

But beyond just looking good, Logan Paul delivered the goods. In-ring against professional wrestling legend Rey Mysterio and Rey’s son Dominic, Paul looked like the perfect match for tag partner the Miz. More than that, Logan’s brother Jake filled his role to perfection pre-match, hyping up his sibling in a promo reminiscent of the great Jimmy Hart.

The two brothers fired up the fans and got them hot (angry). And when Logan and Miz beat Dominic and Rey clean, the fans reacted in a mixed way. Clearly with some grudging respect for the show he’d put on.

Logan Paul’s WrestleMania Debut

Logan Paul and The Miz make their entrance at WrestleMania (Image via BT Sport)
Logan Paul and The Miz make their entrance at WrestleMania (Image via BT Sport)

Look, I’m not going to besmirch the name of pro wrestling legends by comparing Logan Paul to them. But Paul took things seriously, held the institution of professional wrestling in high regard, and performed far more admirably than anyone could expect from a celebrity forced into a wrestling match.

Logan whipped fans into a frenzy early with the debut of his in-ring and entrance gear. Sporting a black and yellow outfit perfectly audacious enough to be worn at WrestleMania he looked picture perfect. And with his physique at a peak, he definitely looked the part of a pro-wrestler. Round his neck: Perhaps the most expensive Pokemon card in existence, his ultra-rare Pikachu Illustrator card. Everything was set up perfectly—This was definitely a guy you wanted to see body slammed and pinned by the faces (good-guys).

In-ring and made to wrestle, it’s clear Logan had trained hard for the match. No botches, nothing sloppy, and when he was unsure, he slowed it down rather than freezing. Then he started breaking out the Eddie Gurrero signature moves. Guerrero passed away in 2005, and was a close friend of Rey Mysterio and Dominic’s godfather in real life.

Stealing the moves of his opponents’ close friend was great heel work. And it was topped off to perfection when Logan hit the Frog Splash, Eddie’s finishing move.

The Wrestling world reacts to Logan Paul 

Overall this was an incredible performance by Logan Paul at WrestleMania. It was also The Miz’s best WrestleMania match in years. Perhaps since his WrestleMania 27 win where he headlined the show. In fact, Miz's betrayal of Logan to end the segment managed to put both stars on an equally high pedestal. And I can’t be the only one who’d be happy to see Logan Paul and his brother back on in the WWE in the future. In fact many endemic Wrestling reporters were likewise impressed by Paul’s performance.

Overall, it seems like maybe the squared circle might be the best place for one of the most controversial people on the internet. If Logan Paul shows up on WWE Raw on monday night, he might just get a warmer reception that expected.