Pocketpair’s April Fools’ Day teaser for Palworld, the More Than Just Pals dating sim, is probably, hopefully just a prank.

Um? That's really the only correct response to what is hopefully a Palworld April Fools' Day joke. The developers at Pocketpair released a trailer for Palworld's More Than Just Pals update, which turns the game into one of those strange classmate dating simulators.

The trailer dropped right around the prankster-themed holiday, and it says the update launches April 1, 2025. It is either an elaborate ruse or in a year, a certain type of player will have their Palworld dreams fulfilled.

Palworld April Fools' Day joke could eventually become a reality

It is hard not to think the More Than Just Pals update for Palworld is an April Fools' Day joke. But knowing how some fanbases can be, there's a strong chance they might rally around the idea and force Pocketpair to make it a reality.

That gives them a solid year to put it into place, whether as an actual update or a spinoff. Then, anyone and everyone can go to school with their Pals, woo them a bit, and make them a love interest. That's honestly horrifying to think about it.

A closer look at Palworld More Than Just Pals

This can't be real, right? (Image via Pocketpair)
This can't be real, right? (Image via Pocketpair)

So, what exactly is More Than Just Pals? We can only keep our fingers crossed that it is a Palworld April Fools' incident. Otherwise, here is what you can expect if it does in fact arrive on the holiday in a year's time:

  • A variety of Pals that double as classmates
  • An apparent adult version where Pals will take their clothes off
  • Interactions with human characters, like Zoe and the Black Marketeer
  • The ability to make friends and lovers, or eat the Pals you don't get along with

That's all we know based off the trailer, but expect it to be like any other cringe dating sim. Plenty of dialogue and odd social actions to choose from.

Is this update for players, or for Lovander? (Image via Pocketpair)
Is this update for players, or for Lovander? (Image via Pocketpair)

Pocketpair definitely knows their audience. Please, though. Please, please, please. Let this be a Palworld April Fools' Day prank and not an update come April 1, 2025.

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