A seasonal reset is coming with Skull and Bones Season 2, but it isn’t as detrimental as many pirates assumed it would be.

Ubisoft is still sailing full speed ahead with Skull and Bones, delivering a seasonal reset update before Season 2 kicks off.

This has been a big talking point in the community, as many pirates wonder what will happen to their loot when a new season begins. Let's go over what to expect.

Skull and Bones Season 2 preview

First, let's tackle what Ubisoft has in store for Season 2. Adjustments to the end game loop and overall seasonal formula are front and center:

  • Ship Upgrades, which allows you to upgrade your ships to improve ship stats and gain new perks
  • Fleet Management, which allows you to assign ships to manufactories to automatically collect Pieces of Eight
  • Helm Leases, which allows you to acquire a manufactory of your choice
  • New PvE & Solo Game Modes
  • Balancing the costs of our Manufactories

The biggest takeaway is that this is in addition to new content. You can still look forward to several new boss fights, sea monsters, ships, weapons, and other in-game items to live out your pirate fantasies.

Skull and Bones seasonal reset

A livestream called The Deck went over everything we all have been hoping to hear against a Skull and Bones seasonal rest. They started by going over the fact that all Diamond rank Kingpins receive the end of season cosmetic rewards.

As well, new items are going to the most successful Kingpins from Season 1. These are World Helm Leases and Ship Upgrade Parts. This goes alongside a soft seasonal reset for Skull and Bones in the transition to Season 2.

All leaderboard ranks, manufactories, and upgrades are reset, but you'll either get to keep some things or receive some rewards depending on how vastly you grew your empire.

(Image via Ubisoft)
(Image via Ubisoft)
  • Territory Reset - World Helm Leases are given based on the number of territories you end Season 1 with.
    • 1 Territory = World Helm Lease x 1
    • 3 Territories = World Helm Lease x2
    • 5 Territories = World Helm Lease x3
    • 8 Territories = World Helm Lease x4
    • 12 Territories = World Helm Lease x5
    • 16 Territories = World Helm Lease X6
  • Pieces of Eight Reset - Most players will keep their Pieces of Eight, while others will see their collection shrink.
    • Under 300,000 Pieces of Eight = All remain
    • Over 300,000 Pieces of Eight = Set down to 300,000 at Season 2
  • Manufactory Reset - Ship Upgrade Parts are given based on the number of manufactories you end Season 1 with.
    • 10 Manufactories = Ship Upgrade Part x10
    • 20 Manufactories = Ship Upgrade Part x18
    • 30 Manufactories = Ship Upgrade Part x24
    • 40 Manufactories = Ship Upgrade Part x36
    • 50 Manufactories = Ship Upgrade Part x45
    • 60 Manufactories = Ship Upgrade Part x60
    • 70 Manufactories = Ship Upgrade Part x70

Season 2 and its seasonal reset is right around the corner in Skull and Bones, so stay tuned to esports.gg for more coverage.