Team Liquid has officially unveiled their brand new Alienware Training Facility in Brazil.

Team Liquid just raised the bar for company offices, showing off their brand-new Alienware Training Facility in Brazil. The new facility encompasses an environment for meant for gamers and competitors.

Team Liquid posted a video to their Twitter today showcasing the brand-new facility. The video, led by Rakin, gives insight into everything the Alienware Training Facility offers.

Alienware teams up with Team Liquid to create a new Training Facility in Brazil

Partnering with Alienware, Team Liquid has gone above and beyond with their new building. The facility makes its message prominent when you first walk in by displaying various awards and trophies won by Team Liquid over the years.

There is even a Team Liquid store located on the first floor, allowing fans to stop by and purchase their very own Team Liquid merch. This is a first of its kind within the Team Liquid world, and possibly the entire esports world.

Team Liquid Store (Image via VentureBeat)
Team Liquid Store (Image via VentureBeat)

The facility does not end there; not even close. The entire building amasses a total of 13 floors. The entire facility not only houses some of their top competitors but has offices for various other employees at Team Liquid.

Alienware equipment is everywhere; even for the staff.

"I'm looking forward to having all of you guys here," said Rafa, Team Liquid's General Manager. "This is our dreamland. It was made for the fans."

Team Liquid's 'Content Floor' gives creators and competitors new ways to create exclusive content

The floor that really stood out to me was the fifth floor, known as the "Content Floor". The Content Floor is where all of their creators and competitors will be filming content.

"This floor is where all of our content will come to life," said Rakin.

Team Liquid plans to use the studio for promotional material, live broadcasts and more. The studio is even split into two spaces, with a sliding wall separating the rooms. This helps add to the diversity in content, allowing for separate shoots to be happening at once.

The Content Floor even has a designated area for the editors who will be putting all of the finishing touches on Team Liquid content.

Honestly, the place looks like a dream room for content creators.

A Training Facility cannot be complete without a "Training Floor"

The next floor is probably the most impressive, especially from a gamer's standpoint. The "Training Floor" is Team Liquid's prime floor, featuring their top competitors training daily for whatever game they compete in.

Team Liquid's Alienware Training Facility in Brazil (Image via Twitter)
Team Liquid's Alienware Training Facility in Brazil (Image via Twitter)

The floor is separated by two stream rooms. With Alienware PCs, 360 hz monitors and more, each room sets a stage for the players coming in to compete.

There are even a few stream pods that are geared with Alienware PCs, lighting and top-quality cameras for people to stream in. The rooms are also soundproof, which is a huge plus for the creators.

Team Liquid players get their own dorm rooms

Not only do these players have their own state-of-the-art facility to compete and practice at, but they all have their own well-kept dorm rooms to live in.

The dorm rooms even have Alienware PCs, taking the partnership to the full extent.

The rooms have two beds, so I am assuming players share a room with one another. With how cool the actual facility is, I would guess that the players are really only spending time in their rooms to sleep.

Fitness and staying healthy is a priority for Team Liquid

The last area they discuss in the video is a spot on the dorm room floor. The space includes a performance lab, gym and a cafeteria. This is to assure the players have space to take care of their health.

Gaming can become a dangerous hobby if one does not focus on their own personal well-being. This whole area is dedicated to making sure each competitor keeps themself in their best physical and mental shape, which will translate to their gaming performance.

Team Liquid Alienware Training Facility in Brazil (Image via Twitter)
Team Liquid Alienware Training Facility in Brazil (Image via Twitter)

With the announcement of Team Liquid's Alienware Training Facility turning a lot of heads, it adds the question of whether or not other esport organizations will follow suit.

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