The tower has been conquered.

In the simplest terms, Deep Dip 2 is one of, if not the hardest Trackmania Map. The map contains 16 floors, each created by a skilled mapper with thousands of hours in the game.

So, each floor has its own trials and tribulations. Not to mention the map doesn't have any checkpoints. After more than a month a player has completed the monumental challenge of finishing the map.

What is Deep Dip?

Back in 2022, 14 Trackmania map creators came together and built the first Deep Dip. Right out the gate, the map was insanely popular, with the entire Deep Dip community falling in love with the challenge that the map presented.

When the first Deep Dip was released, there was a race to see who could conquer the tower. The map became known for it's difficulty, lack of checkpoints, and it's tower-like design.

A view of the first Deep Dip map
A view of the first Deep Dip map

A year and a half later, Deep Dip 2 came out. Created by the same group of mappers who created the first map, as well as some new entries. The tower now jumped not only in difficulty, but in height as well. The now 16 floor tower featured more complexity, precision, and skill in its jumps and obstacles.

Just like the first iteration of them map, the Trackmania community was ready to climb this tower. The climb took skill, passion and most of all, mental fortitude.

If you failed one jump, you were most likely restarting from the bottom. Due to Deep Dip's release, Trackmania has skyrocketed over the past month from streamers and players wanting to try the map for themselves.

Deep Dip 2 has been conquered

The majority of the players don't make it past the third floor. However, on June 8, 2024, after 36 days of the top Trackmania players grinding out the map for thousands hours and thousands of falls, Deep Dip 2 has been conquered.

With it's completion, there came a prize pool. Specifically, a $30,000 USD prize pool that is split amongst the top three players that finished the gauntlet.

A top Trackmania player named Brendan "Bren" Seve was the first to conquer Deep Dip 2. After countless hours and even more falls, Bren climbed Deep Dip 2 and claimed his prize.

Not only the title of the first to beat Deep Dip 2, but a hefty $16,178 USD. But Bren wasn't the only one to finish Deep Dip 2 today. Filip "eLconn21" Šprungl also came close behind Bren and claimed the second place prize.

Currently, no third player has been able to reach the top of Deep Dip 2. You can check the leaderboard here. Players are close, with the third, fourth and fifth place all being 30 meters from each other.

Although the map has been conquered, the third place prize is still up for grabs. So the community will wait with waning eyes to see who else conquers Deep Dip 2.

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