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Twitch will let viewers snooze ads in 2023


Twitch is exploring ways to let users snooze video mid-roll ads. Twitch streamers will also get to make pre-roll ads less annoying.

Twitch revealed details about what's in the 2023 pipeline, and the ability to snooze ads is one of them. Read on for details.

How to snooze Twitch ads

Twitch is currently looking for ways to notify users about incoming ads, allowing them to put ads on snooze. This concept sounds similar to the snooze button on your phone where your alarm will ring at a later time instead.
"We’re also exploring ways to give communities a heads up when ads are coming and the ability to snooze video mid-roll ads," the open letter stated.

Twitch streamers can disable all pre-roll ads

Meanwhile, in the first half of this year, Twitch will make some changes to how ads work on the platform. The first update will involve how disabling pre-rolls works for Twitch channels. Streamers who run three minutes of ads per hour will get to disable all pre-rolls. This will also mean the ads won't be split into 90-second ones every 30 minutes.
Twitch's Picture-by-Picture experience will also be applied to a lot of the pre-rolls that are seen by viewers. Moreover, the platform will make it easier for streamers to inform their communities when they're doing branded content for advertisers.

Roadmap for 2023 involves Sound Bites

Tom Verrilli, the chief product officer of Twitch, wrote the open letter alongside co-author and chief monetization officer Mike Minton. In addition to the plans about ads, the open letter emphasized that the main focus for 2023 is growth.
"In the first half of 2023, we’re launching products and tools that make it easier for you to earn without impacting growth, while also improving many of our existing products by expanding their capabilities so they can work harder for you," according to the letter.
Sound Bites, in particular, will be introduced to the Twitch community. This feature will let viewers pay to interact with and support streamers in the form of sound alerts. There will also be a change in the cheering system, giving Twitch streamers an improved way to recognize their fans.
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