UFC 5 is on the way. Here is a look at all the game’s official details.

UFC and fighting game enthusiasts are having a hay day, considering the fact that EA Sports just announced the release of the upcoming game, UFC 5. The world of MMA has become massive over the years, and the video game version of Mixed-Martial Arts is just as big.

Here is everything you need to know about the release of UFC 5.

UFC 5: Release date and more

The MMA video game franchise was first released by EA Sports back in 2014. It quickly became a staple within the sports AND fighting game community. Still, the MMA franchise has a hold over gamers, giving fans a unique experience when playing as their favorite fighter.

So when does UFC 5 release?

UFC 5 release date:

  • October 27

The game will be available via PlayStation and Xbox on October 27, 2023 for $69.99 USD.

EA Sports ups their graphics

As of now, the main components shared with the public about UFC 5 are limited, but there are still a few aspects that have us excited over at esports.gg.

First off, the animation of the game is incredibly stylized and unique. With 60 frames per second gameplay, slowed-down shots look intense and incredibly realistic. Not only that, but everything about the game's engine seems to be in perfect order.

"That's why we took three years; we wanted to get this right," producer Nate McDonald says. "It's important to us, and it's important to our players that we give them the best experience we possibly can, especially with it being on the current-gen platforms."

UFC 5 Gameplay (Image via Reddit)
UFC 5 Gameplay (Image via Reddit)

The last UFC title was released back in 2020, making this the first MMA fighting game in three years.

"We really just wanted to make sure we're delivering as high quality, polished, and bug-free of an experience as possible. And that takes time, and here we are."

New character detail, shading and more are just a few parts of the game that will have players feeling like they are stepping into the ring themselves.

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