An unscheduled hotfix will address the issue.

The release of Hearthstone patch 29.2 was met with dissatisfaction from players. After players updated the game and logged in, they noted a significant change in terms of the Hearthstone Weekly Quest system. Later, based on player feedback, Blizzard announced an unscheduled hotfix to address the issue. Read on for details.

Screenshot of Weekly Quests in Hearthstone (Image via
Screenshot of Weekly Quests in Hearthstone (Image via

Hearthstone Weekly Quest update

The launch of Hearthstone patch 29.2 featured an updated Weekly Quest system. The change granted more XP, but made the Weekly Quests harder to complete. For example, instead of winning five ranked games to complete a Weekly Quest, the requirement went up to 15 wins.

Some Hearthstone players posted about the update on social media. DrB00mer, for example, noted that the Weekly Quest completion requirement tripled. The user also noted the effect on free-to-play (F2P) players.

"Increasing the requirements x3 to get any reward will hit casual and f2p players the hardest, while rewarding high engagement players (who probably don’t need the gold) more," DrB00mer wrote.

Weekly Quests grant XP for the Hearthstone Rewards Track (Image via
Weekly Quests grant XP for the Hearthstone Rewards Track (Image via

Hearthstone Weekly Quests system

Meanwhile, Hearthstone influencer manager Ridiculous Hat acknowledged the community feedback. "My job right now is to listen and relay feedback," the post stated. "People are upset and that is valid." Ridiculous Hat also followed up with some more information, noting the existence of meetings and conversations about the new Hearthstone Weekly Quest system.

Hearthstone gets hotfix patch for Weekly Quests

According to an official announcement, the goal of the Hearthstone Weekly Quest update was to give folks a goal to work towards while rewarding the most engaged players.

"But we’ve heard your feedback and it's clear that we pushed too far," the announcement continued. "We want to reward players for their additional efforts, not make those rewards outside of their reach. That’s why we’re putting together an unscheduled hotfix patch scaling most of the Weekly Quest requirements back down to a number between what they were before and what they are now. We’ll keep the additional XP where it is."

More information about this unscheduled hotfix will be revealed soon, according to Blizzard.

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