This Mini-Set will launch on May 14.

Hearthstone's Whizbang’s Workshop expansion will soon get the Dr. Boom’s Incredible Inventions Mini-Set on May 14. Read on for the reveal schedule, links, plus the list of every card in Dr. Boom’s Incredible Inventions Mini-Set plus their card text at launch.

All Whizbang’s Workshop Mini-Set cards (Image via <a href="">ben_heathstone on X)</a>
All Whizbang’s Workshop Mini-Set cards (Image via ben_heathstone on X)

All Dr. Boom’s Incredible Inventions Mini-Set cards

Card Text
Puppetmaster Dorian426 healthAfter you draw a minion, get a 1/1 copy of it that costs (1).Legendary, neutral minion
Snuggle Teddy324 healthGigantify. Elusive, Lifesteal, Taunt.Common, Druid class, Beast minion
Overgrown Beanstalk3N/AN/ASummon a 2/2 Treant. Draw a card for each Treant you control.Rare, Druid class, Nature spell
Toyrantus677 healthTaunt, Elusive. Battlecry: If you have 10 mana crystals, gain +7/+7.Legendary, Druid class, Beast minion
Funhouse Mirror3N/AN/ASummon a copy of an enemy minion. It attacks the original.Common, Priest class, Shadow spell
Puppet Theatre4N/A2 durabilityChoose an enemy minion. Get a 1/1 copy of it that costs (1).Common, Priest class, Location card
Delayed Product4N/AN/ADiscover and summon a minion that costs (8) or more. It goes Dormant for 2 turns.Rare, Priest class, Priest spell
Pro Gamer223Battlecry: Challenge your opponent to a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors! The winner draws 2 cards.Epic, Neutral minion
Product 9544Battlecry: Recast every friendly Secret that triggered this game.Legendary, Hunter class, Mech/Beast minion
Bargain Bin2N/AN/ASecret: After your opponent plays a minion, spell, or weapon, draw a card of the other 2 types. Common, Hunter class, Secret
Wilderness Pack1N/AN/AAdd 5 random Beasts to your hand. At the end of your turn, discard them. Rare, Hunter class, spell
Malfunction 2N/AN/ADeal 3 damage split among all enemy minions. If your deck has no minions, deal 3 more.Rare, Mage class, Arcane spell
Buy One, Get One Freeze,3N/AN/AFreeze a minion. Summon a Frozen copy of it.Common, Mage class, Frost spell
Darkmoon Magician324Elusive. After you cast a spell, cast a random spell that costs (1) more.Rare, Mage class, minion
Replicator-inator555Miniaturize, Gigantify. After you play a minion with the same attack as this, summon a copy of it.Legendary, Neutral, Mech minion
Sock Puppet Slitherspear113This minion's attack is improved by your hero's.Common, Demon Hunter class, Naga minion
Gibbering Reject433After your hero attacks, summon another Gibbering RejectRare, Demon Hunter class, Demon minion
Return Policy3N/AN/ADiscover a friendly Deathrattle card you've played this game. Trigger its Deathrattle.Common, Demon Hunter class, spell
Building-Block Golem563Rush. Deathrattle: Summon three random 1-cost minions.Rare, Neutral minion
Standardized Pack1N/AN/AAdd 5 random Taunt minions to your hand. At the end of your turn, discard them. Rare, Warrior class, spell
Part Scrapper2N/AN/ALose up to 5 armor. Your next Mech costs that much less. Common, Warrior class, spell
Safety Expert1088Rush. Deathrattle: Shuffle 3 Bombs into your opponent's deck.Rare, Warrior class, Mech minion
Explodineer324At the end of your turn, shuffle a Bomb into your opponent's deck. When drawn, it explodes for 5 damage. Common, Warrior class, minion
Rocket Hopper51010Rush. Overload: (4).Common, Shaman class, Beast minion
Murloc Growfin111Gigantify. Battlecry: Summon a Tinyfin with Rush and stats equal to this minion's. Rare, Shaman class, Murloc minion
Wave of Nostalgia5N/AN/ATransform all minions into random legendary ones from the past.Common, Shaman class, Nature spell
Whack-A-Gnoll1N/AN/ADiscover a Paladin weapon from the past. Give it +1/+1.Common, Paladin class, spell
Flickering Lightbot333Gigantify. Costs (1) less for each Holy spell you've cast this game.Rare, Paladin class, Mech minion
Holy Glowsticks4N/AN/ALifesteal. Deal 4 damage. Costs (1) if you've cast a Holy spell this turn. Common, Paladin class, Holy spell
Twisted Pack1N/AN/AAdded 5 random cards from other classes to your hand. At the end of your turn, discard them.Rare, Rogue class, spell
Dust Bunny332Battlecry and Deathrattle: Add a random piece of junk to your hand (Coin, rock Banana, or Knife).Rare, Rogue class, Beast minion
Dubious Purchase4N/AN/ADraw 3 cards. Combo: Destroy a random enemy minion. Common, Rogue class, spell
Toysnatching Geist321Gigantify. Battle cry: Discover an Undead. Reduce its cost by this minion's attack.Common, Death Knight class, Undead minion
Humiliation4N/AN/AGive a minion -5/-5. Give a minion in your hand +5/+5. Rare, Death Knight class, Shadow spell
Foamrender551 durabilityWhenever your hero attacks, spend 3 Corpses to gain +1 durability.Rare, Death Knight class, weapon
INFERNAL!466Taunt. Battlecry: Set your hero's remaining health to 15.Rare, Warlock class, Demon minion
Mass Production1N/AN/ADraw 2 cards. Deal 3 damage to your hero. Shuffle 2 copies of this into your deck. Common, Warlock class, spell
Domino Effect3N/AN/ADeal 2 damage to a minion. Repeat to the left or right, dealing 1 more damage each time.Rare, Warlock class, spell

Above are all of the Dr. Boom’s Incredible Inventions Mini-Set cards. Puppetmaster Dorian, Snuggle Teddy, Overgrown Beanstalk, and Toyrantus, in particular, were showcased in an announcement on May 7.

Hearthstone Whizbang’s Workshop Mini-Set card reveals

Reveal Information
Time (PDT)
Priest (Funhouse Mirror, Puppet Theatre, Delayed Product)May 712 p.m.
Neutral (Pro Gamer)May 810 a.m.
Hunter (Product 9, Bargain Bin, Wilderness Pack)May 811 a.m.
Mage (Malfunction, Buy One, Get One Freeze, Darkmoon Magician)May 812 p.m.
Neutral (The Replicator-inator)May 910 a.m.
Demon Hunter (Sock Puppet Slitherspear, Gibbering Reject, Return Policy, Building-Block Golem)May 912 p.m.
Warrior (Standardized Pack, Part Scrapper, Safety Expert, Explodineer)May 92 p.m.
Shaman (Rocket Hopper, Murloc Growfin, Wave of Nostalgia)May 1010 a.m.
Paladin (Whack-A-Gnoll, Flickering Lightbot, Holy Glowsticks)May 1011 a.m.
Rogue (Twisted Pack, Dust Bunny, Dubious Purchase)May 1012 p.m.
Death Knight (Toysnatching Geist, Helm of Humiliation, Foamrender)May 112 a.m.
Warlock (INFERNAL!, Mass Production, Domino Effect)May 1110 a.m.

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